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Zimbra Collaboration 8.8

Please note: the official "point" release for ZCS 8.8 GA is ZCS 8.8.5.

Check out the "Fixed Issues" and "Known Issues" for this version of Zimbra Collaboration below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forum, or open a support ticket.

NOTE: If you are upgrading and/or migrating from an older version of Zimbra to Zimbra 8.8 Production Ready, please read "Things to Know Before Upgrading" and "First Steps with the Zimbra NG Modules" for critical information before you upgrade.

What's New

New Realtime Backup - 6 restore options: No data loss during backup, and new de-duplication technology results in up to 50% saving on storage space for backups.
New Mobile Sync - All new mobile sync lets users synchronize Zimbra shared items on their mobile devices, or ActiveSync compatible applications. Please read upgrade documentation before enabling Zimbra's new mobile sync.
New HSM & Volume Management - Reduce your current Zimbra storage by up to 50% for an enormous cost savings.
Improved, easy-to-use Delegated Admin - Create a delegated admin in minutes, and enjoy increased reporting functionality and more CLI commands.
Zimbra Drive - Improves file sync and share with the addition of an ownCloud/nextCloud server.
Zimbra Chat - Peer-to-peer chat, buddy management and presence built-into Zimbra.
(BETA) Decoupled IMAP Service - Improves email reliability and SLAs by optionally deploying IMAP as a separate service.
(BETA) Ephemeral Data Store - Improves service reliability and SLAs by moving ephemeral data out of LDAP and into SSDB.

NOTE: Beta features should not be installed and are not supported on production systems. Beta modules have been provided for evaluation in lab environments only.

Fixed Issues

108202 list command displays non IMAP mail folders with zimbraImapDisplayMailFoldersOnly set to TRUE
108344 ZSP | 880_BETA1 | 'Help' links on all screen of Network Modules NG are blank
108203 IMAP session not getting dropped after deleting folder from another session
108108 LmtpServer returns 451 error for wrong encoded subject message
108346 Firefox shows extra attribute style="" on mail editor(body area) form
108183 Exception in imapd.log when unselecting a folder that was deleted in another IMAP session
108198 STATUS /home/a/folder (RECENT) fails with remote IMAP
90842 [pt-PT] occurrences of Brazilian Portuguese translations in Portugal Portuguese
94526 EWS Sharing: Not able to mount shared folder in multinode setup
99081 New DL : direct member of field always shows 'Loading' text
100837 EWS Sharing - Delete Folder by MacOutlook user with Admin perm is not working
103361 Updating response of a meeting from Decline to Accept does not sync it to device
103441 Number Format Exception when sharee responds to an instance of a meeting on behalf of sharer
105916 Accept message does not get sent to organizer if you change time of an appointment that has already been accepted.
106408 zimbraPasswordLockoutFailureTime is updated for accounts in lockout
106536 mac mail app crashes due to specific mime message when configured through EWS
106850 Access to a shared caldav tasklist does not work the same as a shared calendar
107018 Icalendar notification not sent if owner of shared calendar is on an other store
107229 Wildcard :matches does not work if target string contains CRLF and is base64 encoded
107353 SIEVE: deleteheader/replaceheader operation should be written to mailbox.log
107359 SIEVE: Exception message should be the same format among addheader/deleteheader/replaceheader if header name has a non-ascii character
107360 SIEVE: Auto-Submitted header should not be editable by deleteheader/replaceheader
107391 SIEVE: the behavior of :count in deleteheader/replaceheader is different from other commands
107415 SIEVE: the first letter of headers are capitalized if addheader/deleteheader/replaceheader is executed
107892 SIEVE: Sieve rule gets applied to all the recipients even if applied to a single recipient (SPIKE)
107921 There is an unexpected logout for a session in the HTML client.
108061 SIEVE: If anyof/allof not specified in condition within sieve rule, NPE occurs in mailbox.log when rule is loaded on ZWC.
108062 Variables should be supported in nested if in soap api
108063 AjxMsg.properties and I18nMsg.properties files are duplicated between zm-web-client and zm-ajax
108064 Update/delete item from outlook not working on shared items
108065 EWS: ResolveNames throws NPE on Outlook 16 when search entry contains entire email address
108069 Configurable option for upstream_fair_shm_size in nginx
108185 When notifications come in response headers they do not propagate to more then one session
108186 Regression: Unable to remove all tags from the message
108187 Regression : NullPointerException for save/update operation of tag
108190 Remote IMAP server is sending too many BeginTrackingIMAPRequests
108191 Spike-Exception continuously on imapd.log after install Imapd only server
108192 Regression : FolderActionResponse returns empty id attribute (trash operation)
108197 Exception X-ZIMBRA-FLUSHCACHE failed when activate license
108199 Related genesis test failing with remote IMAP server
108209 NPE in remote IMAP when trying to select a folder deleted in another session
108347 Undeclared extension (fileinto) error is seen when executing few automation tests
108348 IMAP Creation of sub folder on shared folder via home mechanism fails
108349 IMAP proxy broken if zimbraImapServerEnabled and zimbraImapSSLServerEnabled FALSE
108350 GetVersionInfoRequest doesnt return correct build version
108352 EWS Sharing: All items within a shared folder are not getting synced during initial sync.
108353 ActiveSync : Appointment gets permanently deleted when declined from calendar app on iphone
108354 ZSP | 880_BETA1 | com.zextras.lib.Error.ContextNotAuthenticatedError observed in mailbox.log for delegated admin
108355 testCatenateSimpleNoLiteralPlus fails intermittently when using embedded remote IMAP
108356 updating appointment within EWS caused two Cancelation messages to occur
108357 'GMT +06:30 Yangon' time zone missing from the preference > general > Timezone list
108358 EWS - NumberFormatException in CreateItem with DistinguishedFolderId
108359 TestBlobMover SOAP test fails
108360 Typo correction SpengoAuthenticator -> SpnegoAuthenticator
108361 TestWaitset fails intermittently
108362 TestTags::testManyTags fails instead of skipping
108362 ImapNotificationTests fail to wait for updates on a slow VM
108364 TestZClient#testAlterTag and #testSetTags fail intermittently
108365 zmlocalconfig --reload throws java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
108366 SSDB SOAP tests should use assumptions and not fail when SSDB is not configured
108367 testAppend fails to verify tags and flags
108368 Error message during service restart on node where imapd is not installed
108369 Addition of IMAP only node doesn't flush LDAP cache
108370 unit tests are broken in zm-ssdb-ephemeral-store
108371 zimbraReverseProxyUpstreamImapServers is null after upgrading server
108372 NumberFormatException in IMAPD while performing EXPUNGE
108373 Getting NO_SUCH_CONTACT exception while fetching messages
108374 Failed to send IMAP requested with system have 3 remote Imap servers
108375 Missing some localconfig for certificate and JVM
108376 ItemActionTest::copyMessageFromDraftsToSent is failing on feature/imap branch
108377 GetMsgTest fails on feature/imap branch
108378 Value of "imap_always_use_remote_store" reset to true after restart
108379 TestRemoteImapShared::testStoreTags is failing on feature/imap branch
108380 genesis IMAP share tests failing
108381 IMAP share copy fails
108382 Unable to list shared folder using remote IMAP
108384 Fix failing unit test cases in zm-ews-store repo
108385 Append command does not work with Remote IMAP/IMAPS
108386 The number of email does not update after moving mail on remote Imap server
108387 Select save search folder failed on imap server
108388 Parent folder name is not updated in the path of child folder after rename
108389 zimbraImapMaxRequestSize attribute does not work as expected with remote imap
108390 Unable to move message to Trash in Apple Mail
108391 TestLocalImap actually tests via IMAP daemon if it is installed
108392 Exceptions in imapd.log when sending mails and save message in Apple Mail with Remote IMAP connection
108393 Unable to send mail from Thunderbird client
108394 Error and exceptions when subscribe user on Thunderbird
108395 external account shows 500 error when password restrictions not met
108397 SPIKE - STORE FLAGS doesn't work as expected
108398 description of zimbraReverseProxyImapStartTlsMode and zimbraReverseProxyPop3StartTlsMode refers to both IMAP and POP for both attributes
108400 No way to flush item cache on ImapDaemon
108401 User could not login to remote Imap after change password
108402 CLONE - ImapDaemon notification tests are broken
108403 [EWS] On multinode setup No contents are displayed in shared folder on OL16
108404 Connection is not dropped when restart imapd service
108405 zm-twofactorauth-store repo SOAP tests failing
108406 [hi, ca, no, ko] - tinyMCE strings are shown in English
108407 Unable to select sub-folder of shared folder with Manage role using remote imap
108409 TestSSDBEphemeralStore reports failures instead of skips if SSDB not installed
108410 <trueTest> is added in filterTests even if no condition is specified in filterTests
108411 nginx.conf.mail.template does not contain new imap/pop3 throttling variables
108412 TestWaitSetRequest::testBlockingAdminAddAccount and testBlockingAdminWait2Accounts are failing
108413 IMAP "RENAME INNBOX/ NNBox" yields java.lang.NullPointerException in mailbox.log on feature/imap branch
108414 NPE in ImapListener causes mailbox lock to not be released
108415 TestWaitSet SOAP test is failing
108416 IMAP SELECT fails when duplicating existing session
108417 zimbraReverseProxyIPLoginLimitTime does not work on IPv6
108418 Proxy fails to start: [emerg] unknown directive "300" in /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/includes/nginx.conf.mail
108419 Proxy does not run after installing build zcs-8.8.1_BETA1_2000.RHEL6_64.20170703230204
108420 NPE when ImapConnection is used without being logged in
108421 Not all new messages are getting through Apple Mail client
108422 upstream_fair_shm_size is not being populated by ProxyConfGen
108423 zimbraReverseProxyIPLoginLimit does not aggregate counter for different protocols
108424 NPE if select non-existent folder
108425 TestImapClient::testDelete fails with embedded remote IMAP
108426 Tag removal not transmitted to other clients
108427 Exception is generated when Validated zmlocalconfig -l command on local imap with single server full service
108428 STATUS command fails with shared sub folders
108429 NPE while creating search folder
108430 imapd is being blocked by DoS filter
108431 Not able to connect through remote imap while running performance tests
108432 IMAP server should return a response for unchecked exceptions
108433 imapd causes "too many SOAP sessions" warnings in mailbox.log
108434 Recurring appts. with exception send cancellation when updated
108437 ZSP | 880_BETA1 | Restore Deleted Account - Undelete account wizard dialog content is distorted
108438 ZSP | 880_BETA1 | not able to run/use Zimbra HSM Plus - getting Invalid module "powerstore" error
108439 ZSP | 880_BETA1 | upgrade from 8711 to 880-BETA1 | cannot use Admin module if there is pre-existing ACLs
108440 [ActiveSync] - Recurring appts. with exception send cancellation when updated
108441 Exception while viewing document in Briefcase
108442 Few rules are not getting created through ModifyFiltersRulesRequest
108443 SIEVE: white space not trimmed for sieve_immutable_headers
108444 SIEVE: deleteheader & replaceheader commands should support :is match type with i;ascii-numeric
108445 SIEVE: editheader fails if the original message is malformatted
108446 Sieve: Add attribute to turn enable/disable edit header functionality
108447 Edit header should modify the headers only for a user with EditHeader Sieve script
108448 SIEVE: editheader throws ParseException exception if original mail's mime header violates RFC
108449 Move 'sieve_immutable_headers' to LDAP attribute
108450 EWS : Check CreateItem request for calendarItem with Exchange
108451 Editheader actions should not be supported in user mail sieve script
108452 EWS: Cannot create a basic meeting/appointment from Calendar app
108453 zmmigrateattrs shows no data to migrate when attribute name is specified explicitly
108454 Unable to migrate Ephemeral data from LDAP to SSDB which ssdb and remote Imapd in another server
109203 Retest - IMAP session not getting dropped after deleting folder
108562 Wildcard :matches does not work if target string contains CRLF and is base64 encoded
108563 SIEVE: declare "require" capability before evaluating the extension
104199 Response of an already existing attendee gets reset when a new attendee is added by Organizer from Calendar app
103980 Response of an attendee to instances of recurring meeting getting reset when new attendee added to the instances
108341 PERM_DENIED exception is raised in mailbox.log when a mail is moved to shared folder using Webmail (multi node deployment)
108574 Unable to add Delegated admin with grant limit as 'None'
108571 Unable to update the Cos and Domain quota limit when Global account limit has custom value
108570 Not able to assign more than one COS for the domain

Security Fixes

Information about security fixes, security response policy and vulnerability rating classification are listed below. See the Zimbra Security Response Policy and the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification information below for details.
Bug ID Rating CVE Number CVSS Score Note
108264 Minor 3.5
108265 Minor CVE-2017-17703 3.5
108266 Minor 3.5
107925 Minor CVE-2017-8802 3.5
107948 Minor 3.5
107949 Minor 3.5
107963 Minor 4.3
102036 Minor CVE-2017-16822 3.5
107963 Minor 4.3

Known Issues

108568 Running a task from the CLI using the --progress argument might display an "Operation not found" error and log it in the mailbox.log should the task be completed before the CLI starts displaying the output
108573 When starting/stopping the RealTime Scanner, a message about monitoring the operation might be displayed. This is inconsistent as the RealTime Scanner start/stop happens immediately, and the start/stop is not affected in any way.
108567 Adding more attendees or forwarding an appointment from a mobile device will fail due to a SmartForward issue. This does not affect the Zimbra WebClient
108572 (Windows Phone) Replying to an email with an attachment will attach the file to the reply due to a SmartReply issue. This does not affect the WebClient
108575 Autodiscover fails for users with a Mobile Password
108576 Mobile NG is not currently compatible with Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
108577 Accepting a meeting with "Tentative" status from the Zimbra Web Client won’t synchronise to mobile devices
108578 The deletion of a meeting with a pending invitation on the Zimbra Web Client won’t be synchronised to mobile devices if the "Do not notify organiser" option is chosen
108579 Adding a "Comment to the Organiser" when declining a meeting from a mobile device will trigger two notifications to the Organiser instead of one
108569 Size values entered in Kilobytes, Megabytes or Gigabytes on the "Grant Limit" box when creating/editing a Delegated Admin will be displayed in bits after saving
108570 (GUI) Only one COS can be assigned to a Domain. Trying to add a second COS will overwrite the first one in the list. CLI is not affected by this issue
108571 (GUI) Setting a "Global Account Limit" for a domain will make it impossible to change other values. CLI is not affected by this issue
108574 (GUI) Creating a Delegated Admin with no Grant Limit might return an “Generic Error: com.zextras.lib.Error.InvalidSizeFormatError“ error and prevent the creation to be completed
108583 service.PERM_DENIED error seen in mailbox log for delegated admin
108613 Organizer see attendee status as Tentative instead of Accepted for proposed new time in invite by attendee
108614 NG ActiveSync: Recursive syncing of all folders observed in sync.log when a custom calendar folder is deleted from device
108615 NG MobileSync | Orphan exceptions lost on mobile device if one of the exception from same recurring series is accepted
108616 Exception "imap - unable to connect to imapd server" observed in mailbox.log while adding account logger for user
108617 zmmetadump throws null pointer exception even though NG modules are not installed.
108618 zmblobchk start throws null pointer exception even though NG modules are not installed.
108619 NG module | 885_1891 | zimbraNetworkAdminEnabled attribute is still visible creates confusion
108620 Admin NG: Pre-existing delegated admin can not migrated from 8711 to 885
108621 NG ActiveSync: Response of an recurring instance is not updated on device
108623 Need provision for mysql backup in NG backup extension
108624 Images in the mail body are downloaded even though domain/email address is not added in the trusted address
108625 NG MobileSync | Mobile sync does not immediately prompt for new password
108626 NG ActiveSync: Attendee status is not reset when time of an invite is changed from device
108627 NG ActiveSync | Unflagging a mail using "Mark complete" option from Activesync using Outlook client is not syncing on web client
108628 NG ActiveSync: Recurrence task created from Activesync using Outlook client is synced as Non-Recurrence task in Outlook ZCO client
108629 NG -backup | no option/command to restore LDAP backup
108630 Backup NG CLI | remove deprecated command 'doFullScan' from adminguide documentation
108632 NG ActiveSync: Last instance of allDay recurring appointment created from device does not sync to server
108633 NetworkModulesNG | Displayed Attribute Names and their description in the admin console are not correct
108634 NetworkModulesNG -mobile | no documentation to enable mobileNG module(in case customer upgraded from legacy to NG version)
108636 NG ActiveSync: Meeting declined with 'Comment to organizer' sends two mails to the organiser
108637 8.8 upgrade w/large db can corrupt forces DR, installer keeps going.
108638 "zmblobchk start" throws error - org.openzal.zal.extension.InternalOverrideStoreManager is not supported
108639 NG ActiveSync: Organiser does not getting meeting response mail when attendee responds from device
108640 domailboxmove purges mailbox automatically
108641 NG MobileSync | Activesync-Folder sharing-Cannot perform Edit, Delete actions on shared folders from device
108642 NG MobileSync | Nexus 6 device stops syncing when account mailbox is moved from 870 server to 885 server
108643 service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT exceptions observed in mailbox log after upgrade from 8710 to 880
108644 NullPointerException in zmmailboxd.out for EWS in case of Upgrade from 8.7.4 to 8.8.5 build without installing NetworkNG module
108646 Mailstore should not be listed if NG modules are not installed. This will not work on multinode environments unless all nodes are upgraded.
108659 NG module | Help links should point to relevant section of admin guide.
108436 service.UNKNOWN_DOCUMENT exceptions observed in mailbox log after upgrade from 8710 to 880

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