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Zimbra Collaboration 8.6.0 GA Release

Version 8.6.0, the General Available was on December 15, 2015

Check out "What’s New" and "Known Issues" for this version of Zimbra Collaboration below. As always, you’re encouraged to tell us what you think in the Forum, or open a support ticket.
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  • What's New

    Accessibility Note: Accessibility features for 8.6.0 include the login page and the majority of the Mail application. Full accessibility support will be available in 8.7.0.
    Bug 32283 AJAX accessibility - section 508.
    Bug 55337 All items must have accessibility using keyboard.
    Bug 96132 List view header actions should be keyboard accessible.
    Bug 96137 Compose view accessibility.
    Connector for Outlook
    Bug 77637 Hide the "Force GAL update/reset" buttons on the logging utility. These buttons no longer appear in the ZCO logging control. Use the Sync Global Address List options on the Zimbra ribbon in Outlook.
    Bug 91214 Pick up server-side account changes (Personas) in sync cycle. Changes made to Persona definitions using the Zimbra Web Client are now synchronized to ZCO at the same time as folders are synchronized. (It is no longer necessary to open and OK the ZCO Personas dialog to pick up changes from the Zimbra server.)
    Bug 95604 Improved sync-due-to-local-changes trigger algorithm (Sooner push ~5secs, and guaranteed within 60 secs) A change made in Outlook will generally be synchronized to the Zimbra server within 7 seconds, although this may be deferred to up to 60 seconds if more changes are made in Outlook in the interim.
    IMAP/POP Server
    Bug 96492 Implemented IMAP SPECIAL-USE attributes for LIST command. Note: Support for full SPECIAL-USE or CREATE-SPECIAL-USE capabilities is not implemented.
    Bug 95460 Extended zmlicense to send version of package being installed.
    Bug 90038 [EU] Added Support for Basque (EU) Language.
    Bug 92867 [JA] - Translations for ZCS 8.6.
    Mail - Server
    Bug 73789 LMTP TLS support
    Bug 91114 Add option to make LHLO mandatory in LMTP transactions.
    Bug 94176 Add server attribute to toggle Ctrl-Enter shortcut.
    Bug 96077 Local LMTP client should communicate over ssl.
    Mail - Web Client
    Bug 24436 Shared mailbox - save sent messages to the shared sent folder.
    Bug 65605 Ctrl-Enter send message shortcut need improvement.
    Bug 84370 Identity when sending mail
    Bug 74225 Schedule migration option shows cryptic message when xml and csv files are not available.
    Bug 81529 Please add a ZimbraCOS command line option.
    Bug 90999 Log version/build number.
    Mobile - Touch Client
    Bug 81067 Allow user to read messages using message view v/s conversation view.
    Mobile - Mobile Sync
    Bug 95453 Support for IOS 8.
    Other - Web Client
    Bug 84371 Better organization of shared folders.
    Bug 95328 Replace file icons with new Zimbra branded icons.
    Bug 8675 Add nginx stub_status module.
    Bug 91799 Conversation unread count in SearchResponse.
    Tech Docs
    Bug 85295 Upgrade from Ubuntu 10 to 12 to 14 documented in wiki page.
    Bug 89627 zmauditswatch feature documented in a wiki page.
    Bug 69984 Support added for caldav calendar-auto-schedule RFC6638.

    Fixed Issues

    Bug 81325 root user cannot modify zmlocalconfig using -u or -e
    Bug 86096 Ability to Create Dynamic Distribution List.
    Bug 95265 Webapp services no longer removed when editing server.
    Bug 95646 Fixed issue to initiate Remote Wipe of device through AdminUI.
    Bug 81325 root user cannot modify zmlocalconfig using -u or -e
    Bug 96058 zmplayredo exits appropriately after removal.
    Bug 82236 Fixed issue causing Incorrect share url when selecting files in shared briefcases.
    Bug 96299 IE8: Ability to upload files to briefcase.
    Bug 96395 Fixed script error issue when using "Send Link(s)" menu from briefcase app file.
    Calendar - Server
    Bug 62674 Can now run search on description for location or resources.
    Bug 83679 CalDAV: Ability to invite attendees or edit event on iOS 6.1.4.
    Bug 94725 Updated Zimbra to be aware of the latest timezone information, in particular reflecting changes Russia has made to its existing time zones from October 26, 2014.
    Bug 95440 iCal/CalDAV synchronization problem fixed. Yosemite treats ActiveSync originated timezone appropriately.
    Calendar - Web Client
    Bug 87613 Drag and drop of recurring all day event functions correctly.
    Bug 94818 Editor displays all attendees present in an invite.
    Bug 95789 Chrome: Client no longer hangs if you scroll-up the vertical scrollbar from reminder dialog.
    Connector for Outlook
    Bug 94727 "Local Rules Warning" dialog for Clear Categories rule not very helpful. The Cancel button on the "Local Rules Warning" dialog has been removed and the dialog is now only shown if the "Clear Categories on Mail" local rule is active.
    Bug 95112 Signature image not embedding correctly in e-mail, instead references local path. No change made in ZCO. To address this used the "Send Pictures With Document" registry setting as per http://www.msoutlook.info/question/730.
    Bug 96160 ZCO should warn when too large an attachment is added.
    A standard Outlook (2010 and 2013) error is now displayed when adding an attachment which causes a message to exceed the configured Zimbra size limit (zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize). Note that since attachments are typically larger once converted to MIME for the server, some messages will avoid the Outlook error but still trigger a Zimbra error when synchronized to the server.
    Contacts - Server
    Bug 91944 First and Last name is set correctly when adding an emailed contact in Japanese.
    Conversion Server
    Bug 86304 Attachments processed correctly by conversion when previewed.
    Exchange Web Services - Server
    Bug 89548 Read/unread properties retained correctly in native Mail app.
    Bug 94560 Opening folders shared by calendar resource works correctly.
    Bug 94779 Zimbra EWS no longer causes Mail issues when on OS X Yosemite.
    Bug 94929 No issues when using Mail on Mac Account going Offline.
    Bug 94947 EWS Sharing - Shared Subcalendar (different mailstore) syncs after MacOutlook restart.
    Bug 94968 EWS Sharing: Sharing by Admin MacOutlook user sends share notification to has correct owner.
    Bug 84399 Installer checks license before upgrading system.
    Bug 89303 Installer reports when localconfig.xml is owned by root and exit.
    Bug 94070 ssl_allow_untrusted_certs state sets properly on upgrades.
    Bug 95000 /opt/zimbra symlink does not break zmstat-fd stat gathering in 8.0.7 and later.
    Bug 95420 Certificates validated prior to allowing upgrade to start.
    Bug 95461 RHEL rpm packaging sets /opt/zimbra/conf no longer sets files as executable.
    Bug 96008 Security fix. See <a class="XRef" href="file:///Users/jorgedelacruzmingo/Dropbox/Zimbra/Wiki/Release%20Notes/ReleaseNotes/ZCS_86_RelNotes_Patches/8_6_releasenotes_GA_need%20rev.htm#31224">See Security Fixes</a>.
    Bug 96164 SSL v3.0 is disabled in Java Clients.
    Bug 96171 Fixed issue when SSLv3 enabled in zimbra-attrs.xml.
    Bug 96602 Upgraded to MariaDB 10.0.15.
    Bug 95291 Typo fixed in ZsMsg_fr.properties, allowing shares to access URL and embedding in the email.
    Mail MTA SPAM/Virus
    Bug 95095 Alias is now supported when enforcing a match between FROM address and sasl username.
    Bug 95237 Zimbra Disclaimer/Signature Option per Domain works properly.
    Bug 95302 System account for spam/non-spam training disables spam check.
    Bug 96408 zmtrainsa no longer fails to update SA's bayes_* DB; direct sa-learn is OK.
    Bug 96513 When enforcing a match to from address and sasl username, zimbraAllowFromAddress values are no longer ignored.
    Mail - Server
    Bug 84469 zmmailbox: no longer duplicates mailbox items after incremental import.
    Bug 90698 Issue fixed causing garbage characters displayed for Chinese email.
    Bug 92561 Fixed the REST API against CSRF attack.
    Bug 92783 Fixed issue causing garbage characters to display in Reply To field for Chinese email.
    Bug 94771 Fixed issue causing Chinese message body partially missing for messages sent from Share point service with mixed fonts.
    Bug 94985 Fixed issue causing mailbox to lock when running multiple EmptyFolder .
    Bug 95365 Invalid login filter no longer blocking internal requests.
    Bug 95748 zmmboxmove works as expected when copying blobs to the destination server.
    Bug 96040 Support enabling/disabling specific SSL/TLS protocol versions allowed for all mailboxd / Jetty services.
    Bug 96105 Security fix. See See Security Fixes.
    Bug 96425 Non-ASCII attachment file name displays page correctly when URL-Link is clicked.
    Mail - Web Client
    Bug 85180 Ability to create new calendar on shared mailbox.
    Bug 90268 Fixed issued causing conversations to display as flagged when no individual messages are flagged.
    Bug 94765 In-Reply-to contains the parent message-id, no longer causing broken thread on some mail clients.
    Bug 95022 Inline images display during reply/forward compose.
    Bug 96356 Compose mail works properly in IE-8 if "Contacts" tab is disabled.
    Bug 82412 Migration Tool error fixed for "no such folder id: -1".
    Bug 86092 No need to restart each time for multiple run.
    Bug 92940 CLI tool no longer puts some mails into the Root folder (id 1).
    Mobile - Mobile HTML Client
    Bug 95692 Shared calendar with "view" right is visible in mobile html client.
    Mobile - Touch Client
    Bug 81069 External images display appropriately after sending mail or saving as draft or view mail.
    Bug 90770 Touch client allows you to go back after couple of folder create/move navigation.
    Bug 94933 Field prompt takes user to compose body.
    Bug 94998 Long time to log in issue fixed.
    Bug 95040 rfc822 attachment sent if draft message is sent from touch client.
    Bug 95062 Touch client loads if Calendar or Contacts feature is disabled in the COS or account.
    Bug 95181 Swipe-deleting last item in folder no longer results in JS error.
    Bug 95550 Ability to attach files in compose message.
    Bug 95654 Japanese translation issue fixed for date representation in the day view calendar.
    Bug 95924 Ability to view subfolders of shared folders.
    Mobile - Zimbra Mobile Sync
    Bug 94534 Sync client no longer fails to sync all emails.
    Bug 84553 MobileSync syncs Calendar Event Alert which is set as "At time of event" on iOS.
    Bug 84705 iOS7: Reminder of tasks without start or and end date are synced to device..
    Bug 94939 User with Calendar feature disabled in COS can no longer sync/create calendar through Activesync.
    Bug 94984 Sync client no longer loses track of messages moved via ZWC.
    Bug 85080 If subject contains 0x00, the message can be synced.
    Bug 95356 Device syncs post upgrade to 8.5.
    Bug 95649 Mobile Sync returns error for SendMail request with NO recipient.
    Bug 95770 Http/1.1 503 Server Unavailable error issue fiexed for FolderSync request after folder is permanently deleted from server.
    Bug 95845 Items created by device are no longer lost in case syncstate migration fails and device re-sync happens, items created after re-sync complete syncs fine.
    Offline - Web Client
    Bug 68053 SPNEGO: avoid UNAUTHORIZED for non-internal IP addresses issue fixed.
    Bug 91436 User can accept appointment which has an attachment in offline mode.
    Bug 95756 Offline client sends message after restart .
    Bug 95758 Offline: Moved messages to another folder no longer revert back.
    Online Help
    Bug 93050 Product Help no longer shows blank page with Japanese language preference.
    Other Server
    Bug 82192 zimbraPublicSharingEnabled vs zimbraExternalSharingEnabled
    Bug 82243 SPNEGO Authentication now working due Zimbra Ews jetty configuration.
    Bug 94438 Password change uses the ldapv3 password modify operation.
    Bug 94894 Import feature supports *.tar extension.
    Bug 95523 Import/export is issue fixed.
    Bug 95599 Login page honors zimbraWebClientLogoutURL.
    Bug 95630 Context path filter no longer suspend requests when ample threads are available.
    Bug 95767 DomainInfoResponse for an unauthenticated session returns multi-valued attributes.
    Bug 95976 Security fix. See <a class="XRef" href="file:///Users/jorgedelacruzmingo/Dropbox/Zimbra/Wiki/Release%20Notes/ReleaseNotes/ZCS_86_RelNotes_Patches/8_6_releasenotes_GA_need%20rev.htm#31224">See Security Fixes</a>.
    Bug 96041 Deprecated use of SSLv3 in the product as a whole.
    Bug 96496 zimbraPasswordMustChange is working in multi-server w/proxy.
    Bug 96608 LDAP cache is used for /zimbra and /zimbraAdmin servlet filters.
    Other - Web Client
    Bug 88104 Logo dimensions are now correct, and login logos of admin and webclient are the same size.
    Bug 95064 Modified Ajax Client to pass CSRF token for REST API.
    Bug 95448 Ability to view full window while changing Zoom levels in IE (Webclient).
    Bug 95799 Have to log into web client twice issue fixed.
    Bug 84859 Fixed issue causing Proxy route lookup to fail when a single mailstore is down.
    Bug 95195 Proxy routing some EWS requests to wrong host issue fixed.
    Bug 95315 zimbraReverseProxySSLToUpstreamEnabled is honored for login & ews urls.
    Bug 95319 Domain certificates configuration added to nginx.
    Bug 95995 Max wait time increased issue fixed for sites running multiple domains.
    Search - Server
    Bug 95266 SearchConv no longer fails with offset > 0.
    Search - Web Client
    Bug 96616 Calendar search no longer results in JS error.
    Standard HTML Client
    Bug 84264 Closing an appointment no longer results in error.
    Bug 88451 Fixed issue causing NPE client error to occur when clicking date from mini calendar.
    Bug 88590 Clicking to Previous page/Next page/Day/Month/List no longer opens new appointment page everytime.
    Bug 89318 org.apache.jsp.tag.web.imginfo_tag: high CPU in java.util.HashMap.get issue fixed.
    Bug 94570 HTML Client: Fixed issue when contacts added to group from GAL shows account id of those contacts and hence gets garbled.
    Bug 95065 Modified Standard Html Client to pass CSRF token for REST API.
    Bug 95549 "Must be the appointment organizer" warning issue fixed when grantee tries to send appointment from shared calendar.
    Bug 96316 Using Content-Type: text/html when composing message as plain text.
    Tasks - Web Client
    Bug 95025 Intermittently task app broken issue fixed.
    Tech Docs
    Bug 95657 Updated migration documentation.
    Bug 85399 WebEx zimlet does not fail for account.
    Bug 87168 Dropbox zimlet console errors fixed.
    Bug 89142 S/MIME: Fixed issue causing Insecure temp dir handling in applet on multi user Linux.
    Bug 95989 LinkedIn Image Zimlet is removed from ZCS during upgrade to 8.6.0. Zimlet has been moved to the Zimbra Gallery.

    Known Issues

    Release 8.6.0
    Bug 95933 Mail Server - item_id_checkpoint does not update, causes account to be unusable.

    Security Fixes

    Zimbra Collaboration security fixes include the following.

    Bug 96105

    • CVE ID: CVE-2014-8563
    • CVSS base score: 5.8 "Major".
    • Versions affected: 8.0.0-8.0.8, 8.5.0
    • Important: This issue is an important vulnerability only to those Zimbra installations that have not deployed the ZCS nginx proxy in front of mailboxd for POP/IMAP. nginx is not vulnerable to this issue - only jetty (mailboxd) received this fix.

    Bug 96008: Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1j

    • SRTP Memory Leak
    • CVE ID: CVE-2014-3513
    • CVSS base score: 5.0
    • Versions affected: 8.0.0-8.0.8, 8.5.0
    • Session Ticket Memory Leak
    • CVE ID: CVE-2014-3567
    • CVSS base score: 4.3
    • Versions affected: All supported versions.

    Bug 95976: Poodle SSLv3 Vulnerability

    Zimbra Security Response Policy
    For more information about the Zimbra Security Response Policy, see https://community.zimbra.com/support/w/security_prgm/41842.zimbra-securityresponse-policy
    Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification
    For more information about the Zimbra Vulnerability Rating Classification, see https://community.zimbra.com/support/w/security_prgm/41843.zimbravulnerability-rating-classification.

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