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REST API Method: Get Item

Gets an item.



HTTP Method


Item Id

  • id={item-id}. Required. Specifies the item id to retrieve.


Type Formats Default Format Comments
Mail Message json,xml,rss,atom,zip,tar,tgz,sync Defaults to MIME (RFC822). When using the zip,tar,tgz formats, the mail message is packaged in the archive as a .eml file (i.e. plain text in MIME RFC822 format).
Appointment json,xml,ics Defaults to iCalendar format(.ics).  
Contact json,xml,vcf Defaults to vCard format (.vcf).  
Task json,xml,ics,rss,atom Defaults to iCalendar format(.ics).  

See Response Formats for more information.

Requires Authentication

true (Go to Authentication)


  • id. Required. The message id.
  • fmt. Optional. The response format.

Mail Message Parameters

  • imap_id. Optional. Specify an IMAP id in lieu of a message id.
  • part. Optional. Specify which part of the MIME message to retrieve.

Usage Examples

Retrieve the mail message (with id 288) as MIME RFC822 format:


Download the mail message (with id 553) attachment (in part 2 of the message):


Retrieve the contact (with id 272) in XML format:


Retrieve the appointment (with id 506) in ICS format:


Retrieve the task (with id 582) in ICS format:


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