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REST API Method: Get Folder

Gets the items in the folder.



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HTTP Method


Folder Name

{folder-name}. The name of the mail folder to access. This can be a default or a user-defined folder. Default folders include:

  • inbox. The inbox folder.
  • drafts. The drafts folder.
  • sent. The sent items folder.
  • trash. The trash folder.
  • junk. The junk/spam folder.


xml,json,rss,zip,tar,tgz (Go to Response Formats)

Note: When using the zip,tar,tgz formats, the mail messages are packaged in the archive as .eml files (i.e. plain text in MIME format).

Requires Authentication

true (Go to Authentication)


  • fmt. Required. The response format.
  • query. Optional. A query string.

Usage Examples

Retrieve the inbox folder in RSS format:


Retrieve the inbox folder in XML format:


Retrieve the drafts folder, query for keyword "automobile", in XML format:


Retrieve the inbox folder, query for "automobile" in the message subject, in XML format:


Retrieve the inbox folder, query for "unread" messages, in XML format:


Retrieve the inbox folder, query for tag "test", in XML format:


Retrieve the inbox folder, query for phrase "new automobile" in the message subject, in XML format:


Retrieve the user-defined folder "mycustomers", in JSON format:


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