Zimbra Proxy Manual:Adding Additional Reverse Proxy To Zimbra Proxy

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Adding additional reverse proxy to Zimbra Proxy

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  1. Introduction #

Zimbra Proxy is based on nginx. The configuration of reverse proxies is done in templates files.

  1. Example configuration #

Assuming you Zimbra server is reached at https://mail.example.com and you wish to add ownCloud in the same domain , https://mail.example.com/owncloud , you edit the following template:

nano /opt/zimbra/conf/nginx/templates/nginx.conf.web.https.default.template

add to the bottom of the file, before the final }

  location /owncloud/ {
     proxy_pass https://owncloudserver.example.com/owncloud/;

Then as zimbra user:

zmproxyctl restart
This will add the ownCloud in the same domain as your Zimbra server. This can be useful to avoid JavaScript cross-domain issues or for HTTP Authentication pass-thru.
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