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== "I have X mailboxes on my server, but I only need mobile synchronization for Y. Can I get my Zimbra NG Mobile License only for Y mailboxes?" ==
No. The Zimbra NG Mobile License is designed to work server-wide, so the number of mailboxes acquired with your license must be equal or higher than the total number of mailboxes on your server.
== Do I need a client app on my mobile device to synchronize my Zimbra mailbox through Zimbra NG Mobile? ==
No, as long as your mobile device has native support for the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. See the [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_Mobile/Device_List|Zimbra NG Mobile Compatible Devices and Clients]] list for more informations.
== "I need to synchronize 2 different mobiles with the same mailbox, does this count as 2 in the mailbox count for my Zimbra NG Mobile License?" ==
No, it counts as one.
== "What kind of mobile devices can synchronize through Zimbra NG Mobile?" ==
Any device supporting the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, both natively and via a software client, can synchronize though Zimbra NG Mobile.
For more informations see the [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_Mobile/| Tested Device List]].
== Can I synchronize my Zimbra mailbox with my Microsoft Outlook client through Zimbra NG Mobile?==
Yes and no.
Microsoft Outlook 2013 features is EAS14-compatible  (see below), while any previous version only features the MAPI protocol (unsupported by Zimbra NG Mobile).
== Any other compatible Desktop client? ==
Sure, at least a couple
*Windows Mail 8 (tested and verified)
*Touchdown for Mac (tested and verified, recently retired from the App Store after Symantec's acquisition of Nitrodesk)
*emClient (under testing)
== "What types of items can be synchronized through Zimbra NG Mobile?" ==
* Emails
** Shared Email Folders
* Address Books
** Shared Address Books
* Calendar
** Shared Calendars
* Tasks
** Shared Tasklists
== Are EAS and EWS the same protocol? ==
No. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exchange_ActiveSync Exchange AciveSync] and [http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/dd877045(v=exchg.140).aspx Exchange Web Services] are two different and separated protocols - which are not crosscompatible. This is why ''Outlook for Mac'' can't synchronize with Zimbra NG Mobile while ''Outlook for Windows'' can.
== Some fields in my Zimbra contacts are not synchronized to my device. What gives? ==
The full list of elements contemplated by the Exchange ActiveSync protocol can be found it http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee160254(v=exchg.80).aspx. All listed elements are unique and no multiple entries of the same elements are synchronized.
The Zimbra Web Client allows for multiple email addresses to be assigned to a contact. The Exchange ActiveSync protocol contemplates only 3 email address elements, called
Most of the Exchange ActiveSync clients will map the first 3 email addresses assigned to the Zimbra contact to this fields, ignoring any additional email addresses.
Different clients apply different mappings, but this is a behaviour entirely driven by the client.
==  Some Mobile Provisioning Policies don't work on my device. Again, what gives? ==
A compatibility list for Mobile Provisioning policies can be found at the [http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/1150.exchange-activesync-client-comparison-table.aspx Microsoft Technet]. Each version of the protocol is backwards compatible, meaning that policies available in EAS12 are still available in EAS14.1 unless otherwise specified.
Furthermore, the amount of Provisioning Policies available on each device is entirely client-driven, so it's common for many devices not to respond to some provisioning commands. Refer to your device's manufacturer docs and online resources for more information about the provisioning options and policies supported by your device
== "A lot of calendar events seem to be missing on my Android device! Halp!" ==
The so-called "Synchronization Window", namely the portion of remote calendar synchronized with the device, is a setting that can be found on all Android devices under
'''Settings -> Accounts and Sync -> [Your Account] -> Settings -> [Your Account] -> Period to sync calendar'''.
Each brand/version has its own settings, ranging from 1 day to All.
The Synchronization Window can also be seen in the Zimbra NG Mobile logs:
2012-04-14 18:33:50,385 [Zimbra NG Mobile Handler Thread] info Ping: Getting items older(or newer) than 31 days for type: 5 on folder: /Inbox
2012-04-14 18:33:50,392 [Zimbra NG Mobile Handler Thread] info Ping: Getting items older(or newer) than 14 days for type: 11 on folder: /Calendar
If you think some items are missing please verify that such items are not out of the Synchronization Window.
Setting the Synchronization Window to 2 weeks will only synchronize the events of the last FOURTEEN days and all future events.
== I can't synchronize Tasks on my mobile device. Any ideas? ==
While the vast majority of compatible devices can sync emails, address books and calendars natively, task synchronization is not always supported. Please refer to your device's manufacturer website/online resources to see if it can sync tasks natively, or search your OS' app market for an EAS Task client.
== "I can't synchronize X on my Y device. What now?" ==
Please if you experience any problems with Zimbra NG Mobile file a bug report on the Zimbra Bugzilla at http://bugzilla.zimbra.com.
Also, join the community in the [https://forums.zimbra.org Zimbra Forums] to discuss anything related to Zimbra NG Mobile.
== I've set up SSL, but autodiscovery fails. What happens? ==
[[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_Mobile/Autodiscover|Mobile Autodiscover]] requires a dedicated DNS A record for autodiscover.[yourdomain.com]. In order for it to work over SSL, the autodiscover.[yourdomain.com] address must be included in your SSL certificate.
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