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Zimbra NG Mobile - Device List

Zimbra NG Mobile - Device List

Zimbra NG Mobile Compatibility

Zimbra NG Mobile provides a 100% compliant ActiveSync stack. This means that every device with ActiveSync support (both native or via third party software) should work flawlessly.

The following list contains all devices officially tested by Zimbra


Brand OS Works Config Guide
Apple iOS V Apple iOS Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide
Multi-brand Android V Android Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide
RIM BB OS8, BB OS9 (through AstraSync) V N/A
Nokia Symbian 9.3+ V N/A
Microsoft Windows Phone 6.1+ V N/A


Brand OS Works Config Guide
Microsoft Windows Mail 8 V Windows Mail 8+ Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide
Microsoft Outlook 2013 V Outlook 2013 Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

Zimbra Next Generation Modules


Latest Version: 8.8

Zimbra Next Generation Modules Resources

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