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== Prerequisites ==
To enable and use the Zimbra NG HSM Module you'll need:
* An active Zimbra Next Generation Modules [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/License_Management|License]] including the Zimbra NG Admin Module (Zimbra Next Generation Modules Bundle License).
* The Zimbra Next Generation Modules and the Zimbra NG Admin Zimlet [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Installation_Guide|installed]] on a [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Compatibility_List|supported version]] of Zimbra Open Source Edition or Network Edition
* Full user rights on the machine:
** Admin access to Zimbra (usually <nowiki>https://myserver.mydomain.tld:7071/</nowiki>).
** Root access to the Operating System.
* The desire to save time and effort in storage management.
== Getting Started ==
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Hierarchical Storage Management|The Hierarchical Storage Management technique]] ====
* Nuts and Bolts of the Hierarchical Storage Management Technique
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Running_Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules_on_Zimbra_Network_Edition#Zimbra_NG_HSM|Zimbra NG HSM on Zimbra Network Edition]] ====
* Tips on how to use Zimbra NG HSM on Zimbra Network Edition.
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Zimbra Stores|Zimbra Stores]] ====
* Where Zimbra saves it's data.
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/doMoveBlobs | The doMoveBlobs operation]]====
* Set up Zimbra NG HSM to automatically move items between volumes according to easy to understand policies.
== Zimbra NG HSM, HSM Module ==
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Volume Management|Volume Management]] ====
* Manage your Zimbra volumes easily with Zimbra NG HSM.
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Policy Management| Policy Management]] ====
* Set and manage multiple HSM policies.
== Zimbra NG HSM Utilities ==
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Item Deduplication | Item Deduplication]]====
* Save precious disk space by deduplicating items in your Zimbra volumes.
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM/Advanced Volume Operations | Advanced Volume Operations]]====
* Obtain full control of your Zimbra volumes through the Zimbra NG HSM CLI.
=== Module integration ===
When starting an import or a restore with Zimbra NG Backup the "Apply HSM Policy" option is available.
Enabling this option will force Zimbra NG HSM to apply the HSM policy for each mailbox Zimbra NG Backup is done restoring, so while the restore itself will be completely done on the primary store, as soon as a mailbox is completely restored the proper data will be moved to the secondary store.
== Best Practices ==
* Zimbra official guidelines for Filesystem Performance Tuning apply to Zimbra NG HSM too: [http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Performance_Tuning_Guidelines_for_Large_Deployments#File_System Zimbra Performance Guidelines Filesystem]
* We strongly advice against the use of network shares (or any high access latency solution) as your Zimbra primary store volume.
== Known Issues ==
No known issues.
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