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Zimbra NG Backup - FAQ

Zimbra NG Backup - FAQ

Q:Does Next Generation Backup use a "Full+Incremental" backup technique?

No. Next Generation Backup is a Realtime Backup system, meaning that each and every change in the server is backed up as soon as it happens.

Q:I already backup my Zimbra server by using a VM snapshot system. What's the difference between this and Generation Backup Backup?

The main difference between a VM Snapshot manager and Next Generation Backup is the abstraction layer in which the two system operate: a VM Snapshot manager operates in the lowest layers, meaning that in case of a data loss you will be able to restore the whole server to a previous state, while Generation Backup Backup operates in the Application layer by binding to the mailboxd service, meaning that based on the entity of the data loss you will be able to restore anything from a single item to entire domains.

Q:The first SmartScan is taking a lot of time, is this normal?

In Generation Backup Suite the main backup system is the Real Time Scanner, which performs a high-level backup of each item and transaction without affecting mailbox availability. It's perfectly normal for the first SmartScan to take some time, as Generation Backup Backup needs to parse, deduplicate, compress and store both data and metadata for all items in the system. Subsequent SmartScan operations will take much less time, and daily SmartScans will be even faster.

Q:Are emails downloaded via POP3 and deleted from the server backed up?

Yes, as long as those are processed by the RealTime scanner before a client deletes the items.

Q:Do I need a license for every mailbox in my server?

The number of licensed mailboxes must be equal or higher than the number of maiboxes in your server. This means you need a license for every REAL mailbox in your server.

Q:I have several closed accounts on my server, along with the ham, spam, wiki, admin etc accounts. Do I need a license for those accounts too?

All accounts that exist on the server excluding system accounts (Ham, Spam, Wiki, GalSync) count against the license. To free up a license, a user account must be deleted.

Q:What happens if I import data to an existing account? Will the current data be deleted?

No data will be deleted. All restore modes perform only "ADD" operations on the mailbox.

Q: Should I disable Zimbra's Redo Log Service, after enabling ZXBackups?

No. Next Generation Backups will still require Zimbra's redo log service enabled; don't disable Zimbra's Redo log service.

Q: Can Next Generation Backups restore from old Zimbra's backup labels, i.e. Full backup or Incremental labels? full-20170812.050017.348 incre-20170813.060019.168


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