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== Prerequisites ==
To enable and use the Zimbra NG Admin Module you'll need:
* An active Zimbra Next Generation Modules [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/License_Management|License]] including the Zimbra NG Admin Module (Zimbra Next Generation Modules Bundle License).
* The Zimbra Next Generation Modules and the Zimbra NG Admin Zimlet [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Installation_Guide|installed]] on a [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Compatibility_List|supported version]] of Zimbra Open Source Edition or Network Edition
* Full user rights on the machine:
** Admin access to Zimbra (usually <nowiki>https://myserver.mydomain.tld:7071/</nowiki>).
** Enough Operating System permissions to switch to the "zimbra" user in order to use the Zimbra Next Generation Modules CLI.
** Enough Operating System permissions to access the Zimbra Collaboration and Zimbra Next Generation Modules logs is suggested.
Customers must upgrade their license to "Zimbra Next Generation Modules Bundle" in order to use the Zimbra NG Admin module.}}
== Getting Started ==
The Zimbra NG Admin module does not require any initialization procedure in order to be functional.
All Zimbra NG Admin operations can be performed by any global admin through the Zimbra NG Administration Zimlet.
==== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Running_Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules_on_Zimbra_Network_Edition#Zimbra_NG_Admin|Zimbra NG Admin on Zimbra Network Edition]] ====
== What is Zimbra NG Admin ==
Zimbra NG Admin is one of the modules of Zimbra Next Generation Modules.
It allows all Global Administrators of your Zimbra server to grant "Delegated Administrator" rights to other users and to manage such rights in an easy and effective way.
=== Global Admins and Delegated Admins ===
A '''"Global Admin"''' is a system operator which has full administration rights on the Zimbra server, whose tasks include:
* Keeping the server healthy and fully functional.
* Managing software updates and upgrades.
* Handling domain/user provisioning and the correlated range of operations.
A '''"Delegated Admin"''' (also called "Junior Admin") is either a system operator or a "non-IT" user with very limited administration rights on one or more domains. Such rights are tailored in such a way that the Delegated Admin can neither view data for which he lacks authorization for nor change any system setting.
The Delegated Admin's job is usually to support the Global Administrator(s) by performing all tasks related to user provisioning.
== Delegated Admin Management ==
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Delegated_Admin_Provisioning|Delegated Admin Provisioning]] ===
* Create and manage Delegated Admins, with limited rights on the Zimbra Administration Console.
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Quota_Management|Quota Management]] ===
* Settings dedicated to better manage your users' quotas and to avoid running out of space.
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Domain_Limits|Domain Limits]] ===
* Set per-domain limits for a customized experience and effective multitenancy.
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Zimbra_Administration_as_a_Delegated_Admin|Zimbra Administration as a Delegated Admin]] ===
* The bread and butter of Zimbra Administration for Delegated Admins
== Utilities ==
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Delegated_Admin_Log_Browsing|Delegated Admin Log Browsing]] ===
* Browse your logs from the Zimbra NG Administration Zimlet with an advanced filtering system.
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Reports_and_Informations|Reports and Informations]] ===
* Zimbra NG Admin's reporting feature, to always be in control.
=== [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Configuration_Reset|Admin Delegation Configuration Reset]] ===
* Reset all Admin Delegation settings and Domain Limits in order to revert back to "factory defaults".
== Best Practices ==
* Always create a new Class of Service when creating a new domain. [[Zimbra_Next_Generation_Modules/Zimbra_Admin/Domain_Limits#Domain_Limits|Use the new Class of Service as the default for the new domain]]. This way, it will be easier to satisfy different needs for different domains while keeping your system nice and tidy at the same time.
== Known Issues ==
* '''ZIMBRA 6.x''': Assigning the same user as a Domain Admin for two different domains with two different default classes of service might make that user unable to create new accounts on one of the two domains.
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