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Zimbra Next Generation Modules - License Management

Zimbra Next Generation Modules - License Management

How Zimbra Next Generation Modules Licensing works



Why the licensing works this way?

The licensing system has been carefully designed to be fair with both small and large companies, and licensing our modules by user account would have meant a raise in the price which would have been troublesome for most of our customers.

The use of this kind of licensing also allows us to be more flexible on quantities and support.

Licensing Options

The Zimbra Next Generation Modules Bundle option includes all the Zimbra Next Generation Modules modules at a discounted price. Furthermore, all modules are available separately for purchase and can be combined into a single license.

Trial Mode

Zimbra Next Generation Modules requires a License to in Trial Mode. All the available modules will be activated for a 30-day period, with some limitations. You can obtain your Trial License by filling this form .

Namely, those limitations are:

  • Zimbra NG Backup: When running in Trial Mode, you will not be able to import data exported more than 30 days from the current date.
  • Zimbra NG Mobile: No limitations
  • Zimbra NG HSM: No limitations
  • Zimbra NG Admin: No limitations

The Zimbra NG Backup limitation is affected by the timestamp of the export, NOT by the timestamp of the items thereby contained. You will be able to import all items regardless of their date as long as those have been exported less than 30 days ago.

Grace Limit

In order to avoid service outages in emergency situations, such as an urgent Restore On New Account or a last-minute new account, a 5% "Grace Limit" has been included in Zimbra Next Generation Modules.

This means that upon reaching the maximum number of mailboxes allowed by your license you will still be able to use all licensed modules but said modules will be disabled when the allowed number of mailboxes is exceeded by 5% (max. 20 additional accounts).


The "Grace Limit" is not meant to be considered as a freebie, but as a "safety net" for emergency situations. Abusing this feature will result in postponing a problem, not in resolving it.

How to obtain a License

To obtain a license the following steps are required:

  • Fill the next Buy Zimbra Next Generation Modules Form
  • Enter the number of mailboxes on your server. If your Company is a Gov agency, an Educational/Research institute or a Non-Profit Organization be sure to you select the correct option on the drop-down option.
  • Add the comments you might have on the comments textarea
  • Click the "Get a quote" button to proceed.

A Sales representative will get back to you shortly

How to activate a License

To activate a license, download from the Zimbra Next Generation Modules Trial or Buy email the license.zx file.

  • Log into the Administration Console in Zimbra with an admin account.
  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console select Core (under the Zimbra Next Generation Modules category) to show up the Zimbra Next Generation Modules Core tab.
  • Click the "Browse" button in the Upload License section and select the license.zx file you downloaded.
  • Click "Save".
  • If the license file is valid your License Status should change to "Valid" and your License Type to "Purchased". All the other data should change accordingly.

CLI Activation

If you are experiencing difficulties in uploading your license, you can try to do it using the Zimbra Next Generation Modules CLI. Simply upload your license file to the /tmp/ folder of your Zimbra server and run the following as the 'zimbra' user:

zxsuite core doUploadLicense /tmp/license.zx


If the "Customer" field does not display your name, please contact sales@zimbra.com, providing your Zimbra account and/or your Reseller's name

License Warning recipient

Since it's highly probable that the person in charge of license management is not the same as the one in charge of the server's actual management (and vice versa), Zimbra Next Generation Modules allows the admin to specify one or more additional email addresses which will only receive license-related notifications and warning.

In order to do so, enter the desired addresses as a comma-separated list in the "Additional License Warning Emails" field in the Notifications section of the Core tab in the Zimbra Next Generation Modules Administration Zimlet.

Special licenses: BIDs, Not for Resale and Extended Trials

In some specific cases, the Zimbra Sales Team might create a special license which is not obtained through the standard purchasing method. Such cases include:

  • Special BIDs - for licenses over 5000 mailboxes
  • Not for Resales - licenses granted to partners for internal or testing use
  • Extended Trials - additional free time to further evaluate our products

Module Activation and Initialization

Once your Zimbra Next Generation Modules License is Activated (See below for the activation details), all acquired modules are automatically activated. The only exception to this is Zimbra Next Generation Modules on Zimbra Network Edition.

Each module, however, might require a dedicated initialization in order to be fully functional:

Zimbra NG Backup Initialization

To properly function, Zimbra NG Backup needs a dedicated directory on a filesystem to save all it's configurations and all the backupped data.

The default path for this directory is /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/.

The inizialization process automatically creates the folder structure and the configuration files needed.

Zimbra NG Mobile Initialization

No initialization needed, by default Zimbra NG Mobile is active and its features are available to all of your users out-of-the-box.

Zimbra NG HSM Initialization

A default HSM Policy is configured in Zimbra. This policy will move all emails and documents older than 30 days to the Current Secondary Store.

However, there is no Current Secondary Store created by default in Zimbra. This means that in order to start using the Zimbra NG HSM module you will at least need to:

Zimbra NG Admin Initialization

No initialization needed.

License Expiration

When your Zimbra Next Generation Modules License, either trial or purchased, expires, all Zimbra Next Generation Modules modules will stop working until a valid license is uploaded.

The Zimbra Next Generation Modules Buy and Try Page

Please visit the main Zimbra Next Generation Modules page, and click on Buy or Try, if you need to try or buy the product

Upgrade a License

To upgrade a license please get in contact with your Sales Representative or Partner in order to obtain an Upgrade for the License.

How to remove a License

To remove a license and revert back to trial mode, just remove the /opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/[license_name].zx file while all the Zimbra services are down. Mind that if you revert back to trial mode, the trial timer will not be restarted (so if you installed Zimbra Next Generation Modules more than 30 days before the license removal your backup system will be shut of because of the trial expriation).

Zimbra Next Generation Modules


Latest Version: 8.8

Zimbra Next Generation Modules Resources

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