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Zimbra NG Backup - LDAP Backup and Restore

LDAP Backup

General Information

LDAP is automatically backed up nightly after the scheduled SmartScan on every mailbox server, or can be manually backed up by using the zxsuite backup doBackupLDAP command:

LDAP Backup Configuration

The ldapDumpEnabled server attribute controls whether LDAP is backed up during the SmartScan. By default, this attribute is set to true.

LDAP Backup files

Backup files are compressed and stored in the server subdirectory of the Backup Path. Backups are named ldap_[timestamp].tar.gz and contains the following files:

  • ldap.ldif (main user information)
  • ldap-schema.ldif (schema information)
  • ldap-config.ldif (backup of all cn=config elements)

The files are in standard ldif format and compatible with the LDAP CLI toolset.

LDAP Restore

Before restoring an LDAP from the backup, make sure that:

  • The LDAP service is not running
  • The /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/config directory is empty and writeable
  • The /opt/zimbra/data/ldap/db directory is empty and writeable

To restore:

  • Unpack the backup file you wish to use for the restore
  • Run the following commands from the directory containing the backup files as the `zimbra` user.
    • /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapadd -c ldap-config.ldif
    • /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmslapadd ldap.ldif

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