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Zimbra NG Modules - FAQ

Product Description

What is Zimbra NG Modules?

What is Zimbra NG Modules

What's the latest release of Zimbra NG Modules?

Version Template:ZNGVERSION, released on Template:ZNGRELEASE

See the Changelog for all the details.

What Modules are currently available?

The available modules are Zimbra_NG_Modules/Zimbra_NG_Backup, Zimbra_NG_Modules/Zimbra_NG_Mobile, Zimbra_NG_Modules/Zimbra_NG_HSM and Zimbra_NG_Modules/Zimbra_Admin .

All planned modules have been released!

Is Zimbra NG Modules Free (as in "free beer")?


Zimbra NG Modules is a modular solution, and each module has its own pricing.

Zimbra NG Modules is sold by Zimbra Inc. through the worldwide certified network of Partners

Is Zimbra NG Modules Free (as in "free speech")?


Zimbra NG Modules is a closed-source software released under the ZeXtras End User License Agreement.

How does the Licensing work?

More information about Zimbra NG Modules Licensing and License Management can be found HERE.

Where can I find more informations about Zimbra NG Modules online?

The main online resources for everything Zimbra NG Modules are:

I'd really really really really like to follow Zimbra through the most famous Social Networks, is it possible?

It's not just possible, it's highly suggested!

Zimbra NG Modules


Latest Version: 8.8

Zimbra NG Modules Resources

Here you can find useful resources for your Zimbra NG Modules

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