Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for Windows Mobile

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Zimbra Mobile Installation and Setup for Windows Mobile/Phone

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Windows Mobile smartphones natively sync email, contacts, and calendars to Zimbra accounts. The prerequisites for installing Zimbra Mobile are:

  1. The Zimbra email system used by your organization or service provider is a paid Network Edition license (ask your administrator if you are not sure)
  2. Your administrator has enabled mobility on your account

Assuming these requirements are met, you configure Zimbra just like you would a Microsoft Exchange account on the device (this is the name used for any ActiveSync-based service. For more information about ActiveSync, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ActiveSync). In order to complete this set up you will need to know the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your email password
  • Your organization's domain you normally type in the web browser (for example, email.yourcompany.com).

Does your organization require SSL access or not (for example, do you use http:// or https:// to view Zimbra webmail).
Note: Some users may experience configuration difficulty if using SSL with Windows Mobile 5. Windows Mobile 5 includes a limited number of root certificates and it may be necessary to install your server’s signing CA’s certificate on the device in order to use SSL.

Installation and Setup

1. On Start tap Programs.

alt text

2. Select ActiveSync.

alt text

3. Click set up your device to sync with it. Select Add Server Source.

alt text

4. Enter your Zimbra server address. This is the publicly accessible hostname of the server (zimbra.example.com)
If SSL is used (that is, if the server's zimbraMailMode is "redirect", "https" or "mixed"), check the box for This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection. Click Next.

Important: Windows Mobile enforces strict verification of server certificates; if your Zimbra server has the default self-signed certificate, you will not be able to use Zimbra Mobile unless you import the root certificate from the server into the device.

Note: For a simple explanation of SSL, see http://computer.howstuffworks.com/encryption4.htm. Contact your administrator if you have more questions about using SSL.

alt text

5. Enter your User name, Password, and Domain. Check Save password and tap Next.

  • Username. This is the Zimbra username of your account; the same one you use to log in to the Zimbra Web Client (for example, user@company.net)
  • Password. This is your Zimbra password (the same one used for the Zimbra Web Client)
  • Domain. This is your company's email server domain (for example, mail.company.net)

Click Next.
Note: The Advanced button on this screen is for debugging and advanced interface options.

alt text

6. Synchronize your data, including Contacts, Calendar, E-mail, and Tasks.
Click Finish.

alt text

Your Windows mobile device is now configured.

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