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You can easily contribute Extensions (for example: zimlets, themes and extras) to the Zimbra Gallery. This document provides a brief overview contribution process.

Step 1: Register

You must be a registered user of the Zimbra Gallery before adding an Extension. You can register by clicking the "Sign Up" link located in the upper-right of the Zimbra Gallery pages. You can choose.

Note: Your Zimbra Forums account will work with the Zimbra Gallery.

Step 2: Login

After obtaining an account, you can login by entering your username and password on the login screen. After logging in, the "Add Extension" link will be available in the top navigation area of the Zimbra Gallery.


Step 3: Terms of Use

Click the "Add Extension" link. If this is the first time you are contributing the Zimbra Gallery, you will be presented with the Zimbra Community Terms of Use. You must read and agree to the Terms of Use. Scroll to the bottom of the Terms of Use page, enter your name in the provided box and click "I Accept" to continue.


Step 4: Add Extension Form

You are presented the with "Add Extension" form.

Name Required Description
Name of Extension Yes This is the visible name of the extension.
Type Yes Select the type of extension. Options include: zimlet, theme or extra
Description No Enter a brief description of your extension. This can be left blank.
Version Yes Enter the version of your extension. For example, "1.0".
Screenshots No You can upload 1 or more screenshots. Max size is 20MB and supported formats include: png gif jpg jpeg
Categories Yes Select 1 or more categories to list your extension.
Compatibility Yes Select 1 or more Zimbra product and version combinations your extension supports.
Binary Yes Upload your extension binary file or enter an external link where the extension is hosted. Note: if you upload your binary to the Zimbra Gallery, it must be governed under the Apache License. If you plan to have your extension governed under any other license, you must host and distribute your extension via an external link.
Active No Mark your extension as "active". When "active", your extension is published and available on the Zimbra Gallery.
Versioning No This allows you post more than one version of your extension to the gallery under the same name.

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