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====What are the prerequisites of installing and running YZD?====
#REDIRECT [[Zimbra Desktop 1.0 Download and Install FAQ]]
:Before you start, you should check out the [http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Yahoo!_Zimbra_Desktop Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop wiki page] where you can read about the latest release and known issues.
====Where do I download the installer?====
:Go [http://www.zimbra.com/products/desktop.html here] to download the installer for your platform.
====What platforms do YZD support?====
:YZD can run on Windows XP (x86), Windows Vista (x86), Mac OS X Tiger (Intel), Mac OS X Leopard (Intel), a variety of Linux (i686) flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Suse and others.
====Where is the install location?====
:While you can choose to install to any folder on your computer, the default location is under the home directory of your system.  In particular, these are the default paths on their respective platforms.
:*Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Zimbra\zdesktop
:*Windows Vista - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Zimbra\zdesktop
:*Mac OS  - /Users/<username>/zimbra/zdesktop
:*Linux  - /home/<username>/zimbra/zdesktop
:In the rest of this FAQ we will refer to the install location as <install>.
====I installed a previous version of YZD.  Can I upgrade?====
:If you are running build 1083 or later, you can upgrade by simply running the installer of the latest release.  The installer will migrate existing data if necessary.  If you are running a version earlier than build 1083, you must first do a clean uninstall of the old version and delete all data on your computer before proceeding.
====I'm an existing YZD user and today a dialog pops up asking me to upgrade.  What should I do?====
:When running, YZD periodically checks for new updates.  If there is an update, it will ask the user to upgrade.  To start the upgrade, all you need to do is to click the Install button and follow the wizard.
====How do I know which version/build I'm running?====
:Run YZD.  On Windows YZD has a tray icon in the system tray.  Right click the tray icon and select About Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop.  The About dialog will show your version and build number.  Please remember to always include your version and build number when reporting issues.
====How to install spell checker dictionaries?====
:YZD includes one default spell checker dictionary of U.S. English (en-US). You may follow these steps to install dictionaries in other locales we support.
:(1) Download the dictionaries from these links:
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/da.zip da    Dansk]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/de.zip de    Deutsch]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/en-GB.zip en-GB  English(UK)]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/es-ES.zip es-ES  Español(de España)]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/fr.zip fr    Français]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/it.zip it    Italiano]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/nl.zip nl    Nederlands]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/pl.zip pl    Polski]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/pt-BR.zip pt-BR  Português(do Brasil)]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/ru.zip ru    Русский]
    [http://h.yimg.com/lo/downloads/zdesktop/dictionaries/sv.zip sv    Svenska]
:(2) Unzip the dictionary package to the "dictionaries" directory. Depending on which OS you are running, the directory location is:
:*Windows: <install>\win32\prism\xulrunner\dictionaries
:*MacOS: <install>/macos/prism/Prism.app/Contents/Frameworks/XUL.framework/dictionaries
:*Linux: <install>/linux/prism/xulrunner/dictionaries
:(3) Edit <install>/profile/user.js file and set correct locale to "spellchecker.dictionary" user preference. For example, if you want to use U.K. English dictionary, you should have this line in your user.js:
::    user_pref("spellchecker.dictionary", "en-GB");
:(4) Restart YZD.

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