Zimbra Desktop 7.2.7 BETA

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We would like to invite all Zimbra Desktop users to try out the Beta version of the upcoming ZD 7.2.7 release. The links for downloading the Beta builds are given below.

This release primarily addresses some important security issues and also issues with yahoo mail sync:

  • We no longer bundle Java inside ZD package for Windows and Linux. The application now detects and uses the Java available on user's machine. As part of this work we have introduced a separate 64-bit ZD package for Windows.
  • We no longer ship our own copy of trusted CA certificates inside the app, instead now rely on Java's CA trust store, for improved security.
  • Fixed mac installer signing issue which was causing ZD to appear from an "unidentified developer".
  • Fixed Yahoo main sync which broke after Yahoo recently discontinued their web service mail API. We now use IMAP/SMTP for Yahoo mail sync.

There's one major known issue with the mac build - https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=99101 (Persistent white box on Mac after Yosemite upgrade)

Other known issues:

Bug 98755 - Cannot compose mail in new window


ZD Team

OS 32-bit 64-bit
Mac N/A Installer (md5) (sha256)
Windows Installer (md5) (sha256) Installer (md5) (sha256)
Linux Installer (md5) (sha256) N/A

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