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== Major Enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 ==
== Major Enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 ==

For a detailed list of the major enhancements included in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1, see [[Zimbra Desktop 7 User Interface Changes.pdf]].
'''''Note:''' For a detailed list of the major enhancements included in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1, see [[File:Zimbra Desktop 7 User Interface Changes.pdf]].''

Some of the major feature enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 include:  
Some of the major feature enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 include:  

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Release Overview

This release note refers to the Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 release from Zimbra. Zimbra Desktop is a free and open source email client application that gives you online and offline access to all your email accounts in one place. It's cross-platform, available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Zimbra Desktop works with many types of email systems to synchronize email, contacts and calendar data between user's mailboxes in the cloud and local data stored on your computer disk. While synchronization requires network connectivity, Zimbra Desktop can be used offline when the user's computer is not connected to the network.

You can download Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 here: http://www.zimbra.com/downloads/zd-betas-downloads.html

Important: Zimbra Desktop 7.0 cannot be downgraded to Zimbra Desktop 2.0.x. We strongly recommend users backup their accounts using the export function, especially backup POP accounts and Local Folders, before running Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1.

Important: Mac OS X 10.5.x ("Leopard") is not supported by Zimbra Desktop 7.0. Zimbra Desktop can only be installed on MAC OS X 10.6.x ("Snow Leopard").

Below lists some of the feature enhancements and bug fixes included with Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1. Please visit Zimbra Bugzilla for more detailed information.

Major Enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1

Note: For a detailed list of the major enhancements included in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1, see File:Zimbra Desktop 7 User Interface Changes.pdf.

Some of the major feature enhancements for Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 include:

  • Backup and restore (Bug 47552). User can schedule regular backups of all the accounts configured on Zimbra Desktop, including Local Folders. On-demand manual backup is also supported. It is a useful feature in helping prevent data loss, especially for the data in "non-synchronized" accounts, such as POP accounts and Local Folders.
  • Ranking in address auto-complete (Bug 46666). Ranking was introduced in ZCS 6.0.x and it is now a feature Zimbra Desktop.
  • Send-to-recipient within Microsoft® Office® products (Bug 54128). On Windows®, user can attach office documents directly within MS Office Suite.
  • Use Carbon skin as the new default Zimbra Desktop skin. (Bug 51802)

Additional Fixed Bugs

  • Zimbra Desktop online help for non-en_US locales. (Bug 35098)
  • GAL Contact Data does not show. (Bug 44322)
  • Non-ascii username makes Zimbra Desktop impossible to launch after installation. (Bug 44608)
  • ZCS sync is blocked by anti-virus scans. (Bug 47280)
  • Briefcase folder share results in "No Such Folder Exists". (Bug 48460)
  • Increase max heap size in Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 48829)
  • WebEx Zimlet account setup issue with Zimbra Desktop 2.0 Beta 4. (Bug 49590 )
  • Inbox Zero doesn't work in Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 49633)
  • Social Zimlet: tableId is not defined. (Bug 49768)
  • Inbox Zero may archive message to wrong account. (Bug 49973)
  • Expanding "All Mailboxes" tree causes infinite loop of BatchRequests. (Bug 50125)
  • Getting HTTP ERROR 500 while trying to print address book. (Bug 50869)
  • Remove java mail dependency in offline SMTP client. (Bug 51126)
  • NPE when setting up external IMAP account. (Bug 51238)
  • Upgrading Zimbra Desktop build from beta4_b10535 to dev-main_b10585 broken due to DB version mismatch. (Bug 51489)
  • Share folder is shown in context menu for non-ZCS accounts. (Bug 51517 )
  • HTTP ERROR 404 occurs when newly created calendar launch in separate window. (Bug 51600 )
  • Catch network error for Zimlets. (Bug 51804)
  • Stack overflow in ZcsMailbox. (Bug 51902)
  • Calendar does not display in Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 51903)
  • Briefcase needs to not use convertd. (Bug 51906)
  • Cannot tag files in Briefcase. (Bug 51939)
  • Account sync fails if a signature exists on server with no content. (Bug 51947)
  • Zimbra Desktop doesn't sync zimbraZimletUserProperties from a ZCS account. (Bug 52381)
  • Large conversation still shows up as unread after reading the last message. (Bug 52985)
  • Thawte certificate cannot be verified. (Bug 53482)
  • Sending message with attachment sometimes fails on first attempt. (Bug 54080)
  • NPE in OfflineGetFreeBusy. (Bug 54227)
  • Zimbra Desktop stuck on loading. (Bug 54526)
  • Carbon skin for Zimbra Desktop set up page. (Bug 54550)
  • Invalid request: missing required element: appt. (Bug 54650)
  • Stack overflow during startup. (Bug 54821)
  • Import with resolve=replace or resolve=reset inconsistent behavior. (Bug 54857)
  • Unable to add a zoho email account. (Bug 54895)
  • MS Office 2007 attachments opened as zip file. (Bug 54992)
  • "STATUS failed: Invalid folder: [Gmail] (Failure)" during Gmail sync. (Bug 55122)
  • Calendar user interface stuck at spinning Loading... image, then Ajax error "z is undefined". (Bug 55124)
  • Several missing items in All Accounts -> Calendar preferences. (Bug 55128)
  • Work week/hours shown for wrong set of days. (Bug 55129)
  • All-day appointment for Wednesday is shown as tiny rectangle on Sunday. (Bug 55130)
  • Broken image ImgImAvailable.gif. (Bug 55294)
  • Problem with filter creation in different account in Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 55323)
  • Unable to access message in shared folder if both grantor and grantee are on Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 55333)
  • Broken image for up arrow icon on My Accounts page. (Bug 55361)
  • Need to update logo image. (Bug 55363)
  • Duplicate Folder Creation. (Bug 55366)
  • "Switch to standard client" from login splash. (Bug 55370)
  • Remove 'Find Shares' link from non-Zimbra accounts. (Bug 55371)
  • Clicking to 'Find Shares' link does not open any dialog in Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 55373)
  • Changing sender in compose view triggers authentication dialog. (Bug 55419)
  • Notifications preferences page is broken on Zimbra Desktop. (Bug 55450)
  • Spam mail options shows raw text. (Bug 55451)
  • Add IOException recover/skip logic for DataSourceMailbox and ExchangeMailbox. (Bug 55474)
  • Normal folder showing share icon. (Bug 55491)
  • "Trusted Addresses" showing under Mail for "All accounts" and Zimbra. (Bug 55496)
  • Upgrade Prism to 1.0 beta 8. (Bug 55762)
  • Trash folder is only shown in default account. (Bug 55846)
  • Warning on registry change by helper.exe. (Bug 55965)
  • Backup preference backup now link not working. (Bug 55966)
  • Unable to push new folder to ZCS. (Bug 55971)
  • Add OS version requirement in Mac installer. (Bug 55994)
  • Default backup path deleted on upgrade. (Bug 56011)
  • Disable zparser in Zimbra Desktop 7. (Bug 56026)
  • Use a more reliable way to quit Zimbra Desktop in pre-install. (Bug 56031)
  • Auto backup fails if more than one account configured. (Bug 56043)
  • Editing Gmail appointment immediately after create missing values. (Bug 56054)
  • Should force update the skin to carbon on upgrade. (Bug 56060)
  • NO_SUCH_ITEM when pushing new document. (Bug 56085)
  • Can remove the word "Accounts". (Bug 56087)
  • An unknown error (account.TOO_MANY_TRUSTED_SENDERS) has occurred. (Bug 56105 )
  • 'Documents' application hangs in Zimbra Desktop 7.0. (Bug 56106)

Known Issues

The following are known issues in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1:

  • Zimbra Desktop 7.0 is backward compatible with ZCS 6.x, with the exception of ‘Documents’ application (wiki). Documents application is deprecated in Zimbra Desktop 7.0 (and ZCS 7.0). To access Documents on ZCS 6.x, users must use the web client.
  • Zimbra Desktop 7.0 Beta 1 does not work on SELinux (Bug 56047). This issue will be fixed in next release.

More Information

For more information about Zimbra Desktop, see the FAQ's at http://wiki.zimbra.com/wiki/Zimbra_Desktop_7_FAQ

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