Zimbra Desktop 2 Storage Migration

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Zimbra Desktop 2 Storage Migration

These are unofficial notes on how the store for items in Zimbra Desktop 2 differs from that in Zimbra Desktop 1, designed to aid in migration.

The purpose is:

* Zimbra Desktop 2 requires a totally fresh setup; no migration path from ZD1 is provided
* I am living in a country with slow and expensive bandwidth
* Our mail server is in a country with fast and cheap bandwidth

So my plan is:

* Install Zimbra Desktop 2 somewhere with fast and cheap bandwidth to our mail server
* Set up the same accounts as on Zimbra Desktop 1
* Use rsync to efficiently transfer the Zimbra Desktop 2 setup without having to retransmit all messages

Complications that mean the installations don't exactly match:

* The file store uses different names for the same mail items
* Zimbra Desktop 2 uses gzip for all mail items over (approximately) 150kb; Zimbra Desktop 1 doesn't
* The gzip compression doesn't seem to exactly match that produced by the command-line gzip tool at any setting, so can't be synchronized directly like that
* Zimbra Desktop 1 seems to store some strange items


To be written...

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