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The Open Chat Zimlet needs to be updated!

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Zimbra Chat integrates an IM server and client into Zimbra, the world’s most popular Open Source Collaboration platform. Now your business can harness chat from within the communication tool they use the most - email. Your users can communicate within the Zimbra Web Client, and desktop and mobile users can connect via XMPP. Zimbra Chat works out-of-the-box! Enable the Zimbra Chat Zimlet, and your users are ready to start chatting.

Popup error after yum/apt update-upgrade

If you are running Zimbra Chat in your system and you run an system packages update/upgrade, it's quite possible that the Zimbra Chat package receives some updates from time to time, as Zimbra Chat has two parts, the server extension and the Zimlet, the server extension is get replaced during the system update without an issue, but the zimlet remains the old version, so you will receive the next error:

The Open Chat Zimlet needs to be updated!

And see an screenshot as this one (mind that the versions might be different than yours, it's just an example):



The resolution is quite simple and all you need to do is redeploy the Zimlet, using the new version, which should be on the next path /opt/zimbra/zimlets/com_zextras_chat_open.zip, so as zimbra user:

zmzimletctl deploy /opt/zimbra/zimlets/com_zextras_chat_open.zip

You will see something like the next:

[] INFO: Deploying Zimlet com_zextras_chat_open in LDAP.
[] INFO: Installing Zimlet com_zextras_chat_open on this host.
[] INFO: Upgrading Zimlet com_zextras_chat_open to 16.44.0
[] INFO: Adding Zimlet com_zextras_chat_open to COS default
[] INFO: Enabling Zimlet com_zextras_chat_open

Then update the zimlet cache to be on the safe side:

zmprov fc all

And finally restart the Mailbox service:

zmmailboxdctl restart

In some cases the User Browser cache should be cleaned as well, after that you will get rid of the annoying popup.

Zimbra Chat


Latest Version: 8.7.6

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