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Introducing the Modern Web Application

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Zimbra's Modern Web Application is a new client for Zimbra Collaboration, built from the ground up to provide a clean and simple user experience on any device.

It offers a responsive user interface that is easy to use across devices, has intuitive navigation, supports customizations, is secure and accessible.

The Modern Web Client is offered with Zimbra Collaboration Release 9.0.0 to all customers who have a Network Edition license.

Responsive Design

MWA Screens.png

By following Responsive Web Design principles, Zimbra's Modern Web Application ensures that users get a consistent experience and full functionality across all their devices. Instead of forcing users to adapt to completely different interfaces, the Modern Web App lets them engage with the same interface everywhere while it adapts for them.

Current Technology

The Modern Web Application incorporates a leading-edge technology stack focused on speed, scalability, and reliability, including:

  • Preact.jpg - PreactJS, a component-based UI framework.
  • GraphQL.png - GraphQL, an extensible data API language based on datagraphs.
  • Apollo.png - Apollo, a GraphQL implementation with advanced cache management capabilities.

Supports Modern Browsers

The following operating system/browser combinations are supported:

OS Versions Google Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge Safari
Windows 8.1 or 10
MacOS 10.13 or newer
Linux Red Hat, Ubuntu
Android phone or tablet Latest still supported by Google
iOS Latest

In all cases, it is expected that OS updates are current and that the browser software is the latest stable release.

Reference: This information is derived from the System Requirements section of the Zimbra 9 Installation Guide.

Customization and Extensible User Interface


Like the Zimbra Web Client (ZWC, or the Classic Web Application in Zimbra 9), Zimbra's Modern Web Application supports branding and customization of colors, fonts, logos, and external site navigation - but unlike Classic, Modern Zimlets can be supported across all devices.

Exclusive and custom features can be delivered using the new Zimlet framework. In Zimbra 9, there is no change to the administration of Modern Zimlets; they can be managed by Domain, COS, or per-user, exactly like Classic Zimlets.

Within this framework, Zimlets work consistently across all devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Zimlet Integrations

"Zimbra Modern Zimlets" provides access to the best of collaboration applications with out-of-the-box integrations for:

Slack instant messaging Zoom meetings Dropbox cloud file management Google Drive
One Drive Jitsi

Further reading on Zimlets:

Co-Existence with Classic Web Application

In Zimbra 9, the Modern Web Application coexists with the Classic Web Application (formerly Zimbra Web Client / ZWC), which provides the user experience that Zimbra 8 users are familiar with, and all the same features and Zimlets.

Users can choose either Web Application during login when using desktop browsers in Windows or macOS, and can easily switch between them if needed, for example, to utilize a Zimlet in Classic that is not yet available in Modern.

Exclusive Features

A number of features are unique to the Modern Web App and are not available in the Classic Web App.

  • Installable as a Progressive Web App.
  • QR Code for easier configuration of two-factor authentication.
  • User preference for Date and Time formats.
  • Unified calendar & tasks.
  • Special-purpose calendars, e.g. Holiday Calendars (via Zimlet).
  • Basic & Advanced Filters in Settings.
  • Advanced Pasting from Office Documents in the composer.


Zimbra's Modern Web Application provides various collaboration with the third-party applications

  • For managing Cloud Storage, it has Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
  • For managing meetings and video calls, it has Jitsi, Zoom.
  • For fully integrated chat it has Slack.


Zimbra's Modern Web Application comes with power-packed security features.

  • User Session Management (Standard Zimlet) - Users can view all their active sessions, and terminate any they don't recognize or want.


The Modern user interface can be accessed via multiple platforms:

  • Web App
  • Native Desktop App for macOS (In progress)
  • Native Desktop App for Windows (In progress)
  • Native Mobile App for iOS (In progress)
  • Native Mobile App for Android (In progress)

User Documentation

The Zimbra 9 user guide is available in HTML and PDF formats.

The documentation has been initially published in English, with additional languages to come.

Language Support

The languages supported by Modern Web Application are:

  • Chinese (China) - 中文 (中国)
  • Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) - 中文 (香港)BETA
  • Chinese (Taiwan) - 中文 (台灣)BETA
  • Dutch - NederlandsBETA
  • English (United States) - English (United States)
  • French (France) - français (France)
  • German - Deutsch
  • Hindi - हिंदी
  • Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
  • Italian - italiano
  • Japanese - 日本語
  • Korean - 한국어BETA
  • Polish - polskiBETA
  • Portuguese - portuguêsBETA
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - português (Brasil)
  • Russian - русскийBETA
  • Spanish - español
  • Thai - ไทย
  • Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt
  • Croatian - hrvatskiBETA
  • Arabic - اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ‎BETA
  • Danish - danskBETA
  • Hungarian - magyar nyelvBETA
  • Lao - ລາວBETA
  • Malay - bahasa MelayuBETA
  • Norwegian - norskBETA
  • Romanian - limba românăBETA
  • Slovenian - SloveneBETA
  • Swedish - svenskaBETA
  • Turkish - Türkçe BETA
  • Ukrainian - українська моваBETA
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