Zimbra 10 How to configure Zimbra legacy Backup for domain level

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How to configure backup on domain level in zimbra-10 (Daffodil) onward

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Configuring Zimbra Legacy Backup for Domain-Level in Zimbra 10

Zimbra 10 offers the capability to set up legacy backups at the domain level. This guide outlines the steps required to configure Zimbra legacy backups specifically for a domain, ensuring data security and recovery.


Note: This wiki is not supported for ZCS-8.8.15 and ZCS-9

Access the Zimbra Admin Console: Begin by logging into the Zimbra Admin Console, which provides administrative access to various settings and configurations.

Navigate to Global Backup Settings: Once logged in, proceed to the "Configure" section in the navigation menu, then select "Global Settings."

Within this section, locate and click on the "Backup/Restore" option.

Legacy backup 3.jpg

Select Users for Backup: In the Backup/Restore settings area, you will find an option labeled "Select users for backup."

Click on this option to proceed to the backup user selection settings.

Legacy backup 4.png

Enable Domain and COS Backup: To configure the backup settings for a specific domain, choose the "Enable backup for" option.

From the available choices, select "Domain and COS" to ensure that the backup encompasses the domain and its Class of Service (COS).

Legacy backup 2.png

Specify the Domain for Configuration: Specify the domain for which you intend to configure the backup. This ensures that the backup process is tailored to the selected domain.

After entering the domain, remember to save the updated settings.

Legacy backup 5.png

Verify the Zimbra Cronjob Entry: It is crucial to confirm the cronjob entry responsible for initiating the backup process.

This entry triggers the backup action at specified intervals. Verify that the cronjob entry resembles the following pattern:

 # BACKUP BEGIN 0 1 * * 6 /opt/zimbra/bin/zmbackup -f -a useBackupConfig -t /opt/zimbra/backup --zip --mail-report

The above entry schedules the backup to occur at 1:00 AM every Saturday (6th day of the week) while utilizing the configured backup settings.

By following these steps, Zimbra administrators can effectively configure legacy backups for a specific domain within the Zimbra 10 environment.

This ensures the availability of comprehensive backup data, enabling efficient data recovery in case of any unforeseen data loss or system disruptions.

Submitted by: Sandesh Satam
Verified Against: ZCS 10.0 Date Created: 2023-08-29
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