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Fix the issue of archive redolog consuming high disk space.

du -sh /opt/zimbra/redolog/archive/


zmprov mcf zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover TRUE 

Note: Since the NG backup, archive redolog are not required anymore so it is safe to remove them.

Additional Info

With the fresh installation or the upgrade the value of the Attribute is false, which was the legacy behaviour, If using NG backup make sure to update the attribute to TRUE as a part of post installation.

zmprov desc -a zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover
zimbraRedoLogDeleteOnRollover:  whether logs are delete on rollover or archived
              type : boolean
             value : 
          callback : 
         immutable : false
       cardinality : single
        requiredIn : 
        optionalIn : globalConfig,server
             flags : serverInherited
          defaults : TRUE
               min : 
               max : 
                id : 251
   requiresRestart : mailbox
             since : 
   deprecatedSince : 

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