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Enabling Mail Submission/Relaying from Remote Networks

To enable this, you'll want to add the remote networks to the zimbraMtaMyNetworks attribute on the server. If this is not set, the postfix default is used.

Get the current value from postconf:

# su - zimbra
$ postconf mynetworks
mynetworks = 

Check for the existing value in zimbra (replace <SERVERNAME> with the zmhostname of the server):

zmprov getServer <SERVERNAME> | grep zimbraMtaMyNetworks

Add your new network or IP (for example,

zmprov modifyServer <SERVERNAME> zimbraMtaMyNetworks " <SERVER IP>"

NOTE - make sure that the network is included. Quotes are important in the above command.
ALSO NOTE (This is a BUG that should be fixed)- You MUST include the SERVER IP of the server itself (eth0 or bond0) or you will not be able to send outside of your own domain. It supports individual ip's, not just subnets.

If you see the following error in your Outlook Connector, then you have a relay problem:

Error: This message could not be sent.

Subject: Blah blah...

To: xxxx@xxxxx.com

Note: Soap Fault. Please recreate and resend the message. Details below:


Error Text: Invalid address: xxxx@xxxxx.com
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