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[i18ncheck] Source file:
[i18ncheck] Target file:
[i18ncheck]   16 Missing - source key not present in target
[i18ncheck]     Alert_InternalPassword
[i18ncheck]     BNR_InvalidBackupTargetERROR
[i18ncheck]     BNR_NOLabelsfound
[i18ncheck]     BNR_NOLabelsfoundIn
[i18ncheck]     HELP_OTHER_GUIDES
[i18ncheck]     HELP_PAGE_10_DOMINO
[i18ncheck]     HELP_PAGE_10_EXCHANGE
[i18ncheck]     HSM
[i18ncheck]     NAD_MaxAccounts
[i18ncheck]     NAD_zimbraExternalPop3Enabled
[i18ncheck]     PQ_Error
[i18ncheck]     Restore_NoLabelsFoundTitle
[i18ncheck]     confirm
[i18ncheck]   25 Duplicate - target value identical to source
[i18ncheck]     Domain_AuthADURL
[i18ncheck]     Domain_AuthLdapURL
[i18ncheck]     Domain_GalLdapURL
[i18ncheck]     GALServerType_ad
[i18ncheck]     GALServerType_ldap
[i18ncheck]     HSM_Title
[i18ncheck]     HTML
[i18ncheck]     NAD_MS
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Service_LDAP
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Service_MTA
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Service_SNMP
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Tab_ASAV
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Tab_HSM
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Tab_IMAP
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Tab_MTA
[i18ncheck]     NAD_Tab_POP
[i18ncheck]     NAD_ZimbraID
[i18ncheck]     PQV_qid_col
[i18ncheck]     SRVTBB_HSM
[i18ncheck]     attrDesc_zimbraId
[i18ncheck]     search_option_cn
[i18ncheck]     search_option_zimbraId
[i18ncheck]     splashScreenCompanyURL
[i18ncheck]     splashScreenCopyright
[i18ncheck]     splashScreenZimbraUrl
[i18ncheck]   5 Obsolete - target key not present in source
[i18ncheck]     CLV_EndTime_col
[i18ncheck]     CLV_Label_col
[i18ncheck]     CLV_Live_col
[i18ncheck]     CLV_StartTime_col
[i18ncheck]     haluatko
[i18ncheck]   Summary: 1192 source, 16 missing, 25 duplicate, 5 obsolete, approx 96% complete
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