ZCS connector for apple isync

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ZCS Connector for Apple® iSync


When the Zimbra Connector for Apple® iSync is installed, you can use Apple Address Book, iCal, and Microsoft® Entourage® to access the Zimbra Collaboration Suite server and synchronize data to and from the Mac.

Note: Calendar syncing integration with Entourage is only supported for OS X 10.4. Calendar syncing integration on OS X 10.5 or later is handled with CalDAV. See Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync (For Max OS 10.5+) documentation.

The Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync only supports Microsoft Office 2004 Entourage for Mac, version 11.2.3. This is the first version of Microsoft Office for Mac in which Entourage supports Mac Sync Services, the same service used by the iCal and Address Book applications for data synchronization.

The Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync plug-in uses the standard Apple package installer. It takes only a few minutes for users to install the Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync on their computers, establish the connections to the Zimbra server and set up a synchronization schedule.



This is a home page for the ZCS Connector for Apple iSync.

The iSync Connector synchronizes ZCS data to SyncServices on the Mac. Other clients such as iCal and Address Book synchronize with SyncServices as well. This makes data from ZCS available in the Mac's native applications.

The iSync Connector is included in the Network Edition at http://server/downloads/index.html.


For install, use the installer package. Double-click and follow the install instructions.


For uninstalling the Zimbra Connector for Apple iSync, please run the followig command on the machine's terminal: sudo /Library/PreferencePanes/Zimbra.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ZimbraHelper --uninstall

Version Considerations

  • For Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger), use the iSync connector for Calendar and Address Book (Contacts).
  • For Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard), use the iSync connector only for Address Book (Contacts), and use CalDAV natively with Apple iCal for Calendar.
  • For Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard), uninstall the iSync connector altogether and do not use it. Use CalDAV natively with Apple iCal for Calendar, and use CardDAV natively with Apple Address Book for Contacts.
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