ZCS Connector for Outlook FAQs

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Q. How do I access Free/Busy information in Outlook?

A. Set the OutlookFreeBusy

Q. How do I find out what version of the Connector I have installed?

A. Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Click on "ZCS Connector for Outlook" -> "Click here for support information".

Q. How do I import calendar items from a standalone Outlook installation into Outlook using the connector?

A. Use File Import/Export in Outlook to import calendar appointments.

Q. Does installing the Zimbra Connector for Outlook remove existing email account profiles from Outlook?

A. No. During the installation it creates a completely separate new mail profile in order to not conflict with any existing profiles/accounts. You can navigate to Start>ControlPanel>Mail>Show Profiles to verify that the existing mail profiles are still there.

Q. How do I switch between profiles?

A. When you are viewing your profile as described above, select the radio button for "Prompt for a profile to be used." When you log on to Outlook, you are prompted to pick a profile.

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