ZCS Connector for Outlook

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System Requirements

  • Outlook 2003
  • Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000, or Windows Server 2003

The ZCS Connector for Outlook cannot coexist with

  • Exchange Server or Server Admin Tools
  • Some other MAPI clients (for example, some Outlook plug-ins)


Installing the Connector for Outlook creates a mail profile named "Zimbra" and designates it as the default profile. The first time you run Outlook, you'll need to enter the "Zimbra Server Configuration Settings": Server name, Server connection Port, whether a secure connection is required, your Email address, and Password.

Initial Sync

After you have correctly entered your account information, you are ready to use Outlook. If you already have mail, contacts, or calendar appointments on the server (e.g. from using the Zimbra web client, or imported from a previous system), choosing "Send/Receive" will begin the initial synchronization of Outlook's local data with the Zimbra server. This may take several minutes or longer; a small Progress dialog window allows you to monitor the sync. After the initial sync, "Send/Receive" will only update Outlook and the server with changes made since the last sync.

Troubleshooting the connection

On the client side, there are differences between Outlook and the web client, but both communicate with the server with SOAP messages. If you can log in to an account using the web client, you should be able to connect with Outlook.

You can view or change the original "Zimbra Server Configuration Settings" by either 1) choosing "Email Accounts..." in the "Tools" menu, then selecting the appropriate account and clicking the "Change..." button, or 2) choosing "Options..." in the "Tools" menu, then choosing the "Mail Setup" tab, and clicking the "Email Accounts..." button.

  • Are the login name (email address) and password correct?
  • Is the server name correct?
  • Does the server require SSL? Note that Outlook doesn't automatically change the port number when the “Use a secure connection” option is deselected. The standard ports (just like on the web) are 80 (no SSL) and 443 (SSL).

Troubleshooting features

It is currently not possible to deliver mail to a different "Outlook Data File" (bug 5161).

Creating a new profile for the ZCS Connector for Outlook

You can modify mail profiles (Add, Remove, Properties, Copy) in the "Mail" Control Panel.

  • Open the "Mail" Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel -> Mail)
  • Click the "Show Profiles..." button
  • Click "Add..." and enter a name
  • Click "Next" to "Add a new e-mail account"
  • Choose a Server Type of "Additional Server Types"
  • Select "Zimbra Collaboration Server"
  • Enter the Server name, Server Port (designating whether or not to Use Secure Connection (SSL)), Email address, and Password
  • Choose the new profile from the "Always use this profile" drop-down menu


Q. How do I find out what version of the Connector I have installed?

A. Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs -> Click on "ZCS Connector for Outlook" -> Click on "Click here for support information".

Q. How do I import calendar items?

A. The PST import tool wont do this for you. It only imports messages. What you can do however is create a PST backup of your outlook profile before settig up the connector. Then, after setting up the connector and configuring it to connecto to Zimbra, use the built in outlook Import functionality to import just the calendar folder into outlook from your PST backup. Make sure to only chose the calendar folder when you do this, or you might get unexpected results. You will also get a warning about Unicode. I chose to ignore it.

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