ZCS Connector How to mount/open a share

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How you share and view shared data in the zimbra web client is different than how you share and view shared data using the zimbra connector for outlook. In the web client the share is automatically mounted where in the zco you have to manually mount the share

  • To share something:
    • Right click on a folder and select properties. Select the sharing tab. select a user and select their role. Click ok. The next sync will set the permissions on the folder on the server.
  • To access contents that have been shared with you:
    • File->Open->Other users mailbox and select the user that has shared a folder with you. A new folder hierarchy will be added for this user and all the contents they have shared with you will be available.

To share a calendar from the Zimbra Outlook Connector: - Right Click on the calendar - Select Properties - Click on the sharing tab

To open a shared calendar from ZCO: - Go to calendars - click on the 'Open a shared Calendar" link to mount a shared calendar.

If you are able to read all the contents of the mailbox even though only the calendar was shared to you, you are probably an admin on the server. we're modifying this behavior in a future release so even though you are an admin only data explicitly shared with you is viewable.

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