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This zimlet will create a simple "tab" application with a label, icon and tooltip.

Screen Shot


Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_simpletab" version="0.1" description="Demos a simple tab application">

Handler Object

Below is a snippet from the Handler Object from the zimlet JavaScript file. In zimlet init(), the "tab" application is created. The newly created application name is returned and set as a local zimlet property _simpleAppName for later use.


  • This method gets called by the Zimlet framework when the zimlet loads.
  • /

com_zimbra_simpletabHandlerObject.prototype.init = function() {

this._simpleAppName = this.createApp("Simple Tab App", "zimbraIcon", "A simple app in a new tab");



Zimlet Package com_zimbra_simpletab.zip

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