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This zimlet will display in the Zimlet panel. It registered to accept drag-n-drop items of types: appointment, contact, conversation and mail messages.

When items of those types are dropped on the panel item, the Zimlet Handler Object com_zimbra_paneldragsourceHandlerObject.prototype.doDrop(obj) is called. Then the handler can process the dropped obj.

Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_paneldragsource" version="0.1" description="Demos panel zimlet that accepts drag source objects">
    <zimletPanelItem label="Test Panel with Drag Source">
        <toolTipText>Drag and drop an object</toolTipText>
        <dragSource type="ZmAppt" />
        <dragSource type="ZmContact" />
        <dragSource type="ZmConv" />
        <dragSource type="ZmMailMsg" />

Handler Object

Here is doDrop(obj) method of the Zimlet Handler Object:

 * This method gets called by the Zimlet framework when an item or items are dropped on the panel.
 * @param	obj		the dropped object
com_zimbra_paneldragsourceHandlerObject.prototype.doDrop =
function(obj) {
    var type = obj.TYPE;
    switch(type) {
        case "ZmAppt": {
            // do something with ZmAppt
        case "ZmContact": {
            // do something with ZmContact
        case "ZmConv": {
            // do something with ZmConv
        case "ZmMailMsg": {
            // do something with ZmMailMsg


Zimlet Package com_zimbra_paneldragsource.zip

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