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== Useful Links ==
== Useful Links ==
<li>[[ZCS_6.0:Zimlet_Developers_Guide:Proxy_Servlet_Setup|Proxy Servlet Setup]]

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This zimlet is used when in development to open all allowed domains.

Screen Shot


Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_openalldomains" version="1.0" description="Allows All Domains - Use in development ONLY">
  <zimletPanelItem label="openalldomains" icon="openalldomains-panelIcon">
    <toolTipText>Open all domains</toolTipText>

Configuration File

<zimletConfig name="com_zimbra_openalldomains" version="1.0">
        <property name="allowedDomains">*</property>


Zimlet Package com_zimbra_openalldomains.zip

Useful Links

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