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This zimlet displays a dialog with links and a text field. When the links are clicked, the link listener is called and a status message is displayed that contains the properties passed to the link listener. When the OK button is clicked on the dialog, the button callback method is executed and a status message is displayed with the text field value.



Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_linkcallbacks" version="0.1" description="Illustrates how to attach callback methods to links">
  <zimletPanelItem label="Link Callback Example">

Creating the Dialog

Here is snippet from the Zimlet Handler Object (_displayDialog() method) where we create the dialog:

  var view = new DwtComposite(this.getShell()); // creates an empty div as a child of main shell div
  view.setSize("250", "150"); // set width and height
  view.getHtmlElement().style.overflow = "auto"; // adds scrollbar
  view.getHtmlElement().innerHTML = this._createDialogView(); // insert HTML to the dialog

  // pass the title and view information to create dialog box
  this._dialog = new ZmDialog( { title:"Dialog Title", view:view, parent:this.getShell(), standardButtons:[DwtDialog.OK_BUTTON] } );

  // set listener for "OK" button events
  this._dialog.setButtonListener(DwtDialog.OK_BUTTON, new AjxListener(this, this._okBtnListener)); 

The _createDialogView() method creates the HTML mark-up for the dialog. The HTML code includes two links with ids "simpledlg_someLink1" and "simpledlg_someLink2".

 * Creates the dialog view.
com_zimbra_simpledialogHandlerObject.prototype._createDialogView =
function() {
  var html = new Array();
  var i = 0;
  html[i++] = "<table>";
  html[i++] = "<tr>";
  html[i++] = "<td colspan='2'>";
  html[i++] = "This is a sample dialog with HTML code";
  html[i++] = "</td>";
  html[i++] = "</tr>";
  html[i++] = "<tr>";
  html[i++] = "<td>";
  html[i++] = "Some field ONE:";
  html[i++] = "</td>";
  html[i++] = "<td>";
  html[i++] = "<input id='simpledlg_someField1' type='text' value='my test field value'/>";
  html[i++] = "</td>";
  html[i++] = "</tr>";
  html[i++] = "<tr>";
  html[i++] = "<td>";
  html[i++] = "Links:";
  html[i++] = "</td>";
  html[i++] = "<td>";
  html[i++] = "<a href=\"#\" id=\"simpledlg_someLink1\">LINK #1</a>";
  html[i++] = "<br>";
  html[i++] = "<a href=\"#\" id=\"simpledlg_someLink2\">LINK #2</a>";
  html[i++] = "</td>";
  html[i++] = "</tr>";
  html[i++] = "</table>";	
  return html.join("");

After the HTML is written to the view and the dialog is created, we add the link listeners. For Link #1, we will not pass any arguments. For Link #2, we will pass two arguments:

  // set link listener and pass no arguments
  var link1El = document.getElementById("simpledlg_someLink1");
  link1El.onclick = AjxCallback.simpleClosure(this._link1Listener, this);

  // set link listener for with two arguments
  var link2El = document.getElementById("simpledlg_someLink2");
  var link2Arg1 = "pass this info to link1";
  var link2Arg2 = {
	prop1: "prop1...a test",
	prop2: "another prop2",
	prop3: "here is prop3"

  link2El.onclick = AjxCallback.simpleClosure(this._link2Listener, this, link2Arg1, link2Arg2);


Zimlet Package com_zimbra_linklisteners.zip

Useful Links

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