ZCS 4.5.x Mass delete of Contacts

Here is the scenerio for the proposed situation.

My company uses dotProject to store the Master List of contacts, as well as project management. For now, untill I get a fancy zimlet made, once a week I want to ...

I created a email account dotproject@example.com. This account has shared contacts.

If you don't delete the contacts that are in there, before you do the import, you will end up with duplicate contacts.

  • ssh into the server, I use putty ssh
  • paste the following command to delete the contacts.
  • /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov sm dotproject@example.com emptyFolder /contacts
  • now you can import your contacts via the csv uploader, in the options of your mail box.
  • I upload them into the shared folder, through my account.

But explain to your users that what they have in there will be deleted.

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