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Here is the scenerio for the proposed situation.

My company uses dotProject to store the Master List of contacts, as well as project management. For now, untill I get a fancy zimlet made, once a week I want to ...

I created a email account dotproject@example.com. This account has shared contacts.

If you don't delete the contacts that are in there, before you do the import, you will end up with duplicate contacts.

  • ssh into the server, I use putty ssh
  • paste the following command to delete the contacts.
  • /opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov sm dotproject@example.com emptyFolder /contacts
  • now you can import your contacts via the csv uploader, in the options of your mail box.
  • I upload them into the shared folder, through my account.

But explain to your users that what they have in there will be deleted.

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