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Zimbra Connector for Outlook release history


  • ZCO connectors are backwards compatible. If running a newer ZCO version, you must uninstall it before installing an older version.
  • There may be incompatibilities with older versions of ZCO and newer versions of Outlook.
  • The major build number in the ZCO file name has no bearing on the version. and are the same. The build ID is the last portion of the version. In the table below, it is the first column.
  • Zimbra always recommends using the latest version of the connector when possible. Downgrade at your own risk.

ZCO Build ID 8.8 Patch 9.0 Patch Known Changes Files
1907 P27 P20 Warning: It has been identified that on some 32 bit systems, the ZCO connector will fail to automatically fetch email without pressing send receive. Until a fix is released, you can use build 1903.
When *zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize* was set to zero, ZCO users were not able to send emails. The issue has been fixed.
When using mixed ZCO profiles (Exchange and Zimbra), sending an email with an attachment resulted in an error. The issue has been fixed.
x64 x86
1903 P26 P25 P19 P18 Users now have an option to switch between the Zimbra Free Busy and Internet-Free Busy Provider. The option can be accessed at Zimbra -> Advanced Settings -> Free-Busy Providr. Please note that Outlook has to be run as an Administrator to view this option.
x64 x86
1902 P24 P17 Room finder feature available in ZCO! Users can use Room finder to search rooms based on criteria such as name/capacity and select room(s) as per their availability.
x64 x86
1899 P23 P22 P16 P15 When the emails from the shared account are deleted, the deleted emails were moved to the user's local Trash folder. The issue has been fixed and in such a scenario the emails are moved to the shared account's Trash folder.
If Outlook 2019 has a multi-user profile (Exchange+Zimbra), then sending an email caused Outlook to crash. The issue has been fixed.
x64 x86
1894 P21 P14 ZCO now supports separate controls to configure purging of Mail Items and Tasks. Please refer to the user guide for more details
Through the Hierarchical Address Book dialog, the user can now pick recipients from the lists and proceed to email/meeting compose windows.
x64 x86
1893 P20 P13 When a user has a signature and sends a message using Apple Mail with attachments, the signature is also sent as an attachment and is not a part of the message body. This issue is due to a bug in the Apple Mail client.
x64 x86
1892 P19 P12 A warning message is shown to the user when they change the ZCO Advanced Settings. The user needs to restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.
If network connection was lost when HAB Synchronization is in progress, the synchronization process didn't exit gracefully. The issue has been fixed to handle such situations gracefully.
x64 x86
1891 P18 P11 The Hierarchical Address Book feature is now available in Zimbra's Connector for Outlook. Please refer to the user guide for more details.
The Partial Data Synchronization feature is now available in Zimbra's Connector for Outlook. Please refer to the user guide for more details.
x64 x86
1888 P17 P10 With this release, ZCO has enhanced the address book search feature. The search now includes looking for substrings within the name fields. It is effective specifically when the fields contain multiple words. For more details, please refer to the admin guide section.
x64 x86
1887 P16 P15 P9 P8 ZCOMT-1466 Cannot move/store zdb file to the external location in case of Outlook 2016 and 2019
x64 x86
1886 P14 P7 Users can now synchronize the last X days of Inbox and Calendar data during Initial Sync.
Localization is available for new features like Free-Busy, Run Rule Now, Send the signature picture as attachments.
x64 x86
1884 P13 P6 Custom ZCO installer with "--disable-autoupgrade" option was not working and it continued to ask users to upgrade as soon as the new version was present. The issue has been fixed and it doesn't prompt users to upgrade.
x64 x86
1880 P12 P5 ZCOMT-2074 checkmarx: fix the 'Process Control' reported errors
ZCOMT-2019 "Soap Fault. Permission denied error while forwarding meeting invite from ZCO
ZCOMT-1977 Sync fails if a signature is named with characters not valid for Windows filenames
ZBUG-1209 ZCO SendAs Problems, emails not getting improper sent folder
x64 x86
1879 N/A P4 Fixed an internationalization problem with the mailbox rules "Run Now" feature, that caused an error message if the language was set using a Language Interface pack instead of the language options in the advanced settings.
Signatures containing external images (URL references) had those images added as attachments to messages. Such messages would appear in "has:attachment" searches when the only attachment was the signature image.
Users now have an advanced option, "Signature pictures sent as attachments" to control this behavior. When disabled, the image URL will be used without an additional attachment, thereby reducing the size of the message.


1878 P11 N/A Inline images in meeting notes now sync to Zimbra and are encoded to appear as inline images in the Zimbra Web Apps, instead of being attachments.
32bit 64bit
**Warning: Using a version below this row can result in a crash or hang due to: (ZCOMT-1978) WAITSET and/or SYNCMAIN Deadlock**
1877 P10 N/A ZCOMT-1803 Inconsistent font size rendering issue on Rules wizard
32bit 64bit
1876 N/A P3 Zimbra Free/Busy Provider is now Generally Available. Refer to the Admin Guide for operation details.
When creating a new Rule (aka Zimbra Filter) using ZCO, the user is given the option to run it immediately.
x64 x86
1872 P9 P2 Duplicate calendar events would sometimes appear, with no clear trigger action. ZCO now identifies these unwanted duplicates and automatically removes them.
Fixed several possible crashes that would occur periodically when modifying events in shared or delegated calendars.
x64 x86
1869 N/A GA None in release notes x64 x86
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