ZCB and BES Logs - BlackBerry

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ZCB and BES Logs - BlackBerry

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Log files can be used to help identify specific errors or to aid in tracing an email message through the ZCB and BlackBerry Enterprise Server infrastructure to help identify where the process is breaking down.

Enabling ZCB Logs for Troubleshooting

If you encounter problems you can enable the logging control tool to log errors and events that occur. This log then can be sent to Zimbra for analysis.

ZCOLogCtl.exe is installed when ZCB Connector for BES is installed. This logging control tool is in the

    C:\Program files\common files\system\msmapi\1033 directory. (Start --> Run --> zcologctl).

When users encounter problems with synchronization, not receiving their mail, system crashes, or other unusual behavior, you can open this file to enable ZCB logging and enable http logging in order to log internal API calls and communication between BES and the Zimbra Server. The default log file size is 10 megabytes, but you can increase this when necessary. When the size of the log reaches the limit, the current log is set aside and a second log is created, therefore two logs of up to the maximum log size can be generated.

Note: The Enable Logging should be unchecked to disable logging when not being used for troubleshooting. If logging is on continuously, performance may be affected.

- Do not enable 'Verbose Logging' unless suggested by Zimbra Support

- Set log size to 100MB

Locating BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs are listed chronologically in the following location by default:

     C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs\<date>

Hint: BES logs may become very large. Before capturing logs and providing to Support please follow the below steps:

   * Stop the BES server  http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Correct_order_to_stop_and_start_BES_services
   * Delete all logs under C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry Enterprise Server\Logs\
   * Enable ZCB logs.  /Start/run/zcologctl and choose all options
   * Start the BES server
   * Attempt to reproduce the issue being reported
   * Zip up the contents of BES and ZCB logs
   * Provide us with both the BES agents logs and also the ZCB log

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