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Zimbra Archiving and Discovery

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is an optional extension for Zimbra Collaboration Suite Network Edition. It allows seamless archiving of mail to commodity hardware and provides powerful web-based discovery UI for searching and managing the archive accounts.

Getting Started

Zimbra Archiving and Discovery is available for ZCS 4.5.6 servers and above. There are two components to the product, you must have both installed to use Zimbra Archiving and Discovery:

  1. The Archiving component - this ships on the ZCS 4.5.6 and later servers.
  2. The Discovery component - this is a separate module to download for the Admin Console UI

For more instructions on installing and configuring Zimbra Archiving and Discovery please refer to the the release notes.

What if I am a Zimbra Customer already?

First, contact to us know you are interested in trying Zimbra Archiving and Discovery and to discuss pricing and product details.

After working with us, assuming you have ZCS already running (and it supports ZAD) you can download and install the Discovery module in the Admin Console. From there you can begin using the product to set up archive accounts and run cross mailbox searches.

What do I do if I do not have Zimbra yet?

Go to the Network Trial page and register for the ZCS trial; indicate in the registration form you wish to try Zimbra Archiving and Discovery and our sales team will follow up with you on pricing and product questions.

Download both ZCS Network Edition and the Discovery Module for the Admin Console and follow the installation instructions.

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