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Here is the list of classes which you can extend to enhance zimbra standard functionality of ZimbraStore with your own classes.


By extending this with your own class, you can register your custom function to be called when a messege is receive with lmtp.

Sample is here;com.zimbra.cs.mailbox.QuotaWarning

[Note]You have to register your own class to com.zimbra.cs.lmtpserver.ZimbraLmtpBackend


By this, you can implement to genearate custom auth token and to validate that.

Sample is here; com.zimbra.cs.service.ZimbraAuthProvider

[Note] You have to register this to com.zimbra.cs.service.AuthProvider


By this, you can add SASL mechanism for IMAP/POP. But to use the custome SASL mechanism, you also needs to customize Zimbra Proxy(Nginx/nginxlookup), which requires you to modify core code.

Sample is here; com.zimbra.cs.security.sasl.PlainAuthenticator

[Note] You have to register this to com.zimbra.cs.security.sasl.Authenticator


By this, you can implement custom function which is called right before/after a certain LDAP field is modified.

Sample is here; com.zimbra.cs.account.callback.AccountStatus

[Note] You have to register this to zimbra-attrs.xml and rebuild ZimbraServer project as far as I remember.


By this, you can modify the message on the fly when a message is fetched from the store to be sent back to client or prepared for forwarding and indexing. These modification is not sotred on disk.

Sample is here; com.zimbra.cs.mime.TnefConverter

[Note] You have to register this to com.zimbra.cs.mime.MimeVisitor.


By this, you can modify the message when a message is stored to the dislk. This is basically to create copy of original MimeMessage and replace the original with it. So it could have some impact to DiskI/O.

Sample is here; No sample.

[Note] You have to register this to com.zimbra.cs.mime.MimeVisitor.


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