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NOTE: I have tested this on 6.0.6GA. The 'zimbraPrefFromDisplay' attribute was not present in the output of the 'zmmailbox' command, so instead I used the 'username' part of the email address the display name. Not ideal, but it works. - switch007

As of ZCS 6.0, it's not possible to create group rosters (where the IM Buddy List is pre-populated with all the members of a group) through the admin web interface. This functionality is slated for ZCS 7.0. However, it is possible to do so via the IM SOAP API.

The following bash script, which should be run from the CLI as the zimbra user, will reciprocally add all members of a Distribution List (defined in the admin web interface). It's not elegant, but it works.


if [ "$#" == "1" ]
    members=$(zmsoap --type admin --verbose --zadmin \
              GetDistributionListRequest/dl="$1" @by="name" | \
              grep dlm | sed -e 's/.*<dlm>\(.*\)<\/dlm>/\1/g')
    for member in $members
      	for target in $members
            if [ $member != $target ]
                username=$(echo $target|cut -d@ -f1)
                zmsoap --type im --verbose --zadmin \
                --mailbox $member IMSubscribeRequest \
                @addr=$target @name="$username" @op="add"

                zmsoap --type im --verbose --zadmin \
                --mailbox $target IMAuthorizeSubscribeRequest \
                @addr=$member @authorized="true"

    echo "$0 usage: $0 group@zimbra.domain.edu"

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