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=Verbose logging for specific SMTP connections=
=Verbose logging for specific SMTP connections=
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Verbose logging for specific SMTP connections

   KB 24293        Last updated on 2021-11-3  

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How to enable Postfix debug logging for a particular client or sender server?


To debug smtp connection from a specific client or sender server, we need to configure the parameters debug_peer_level and debug_peer_list.

1) Increase debug level. (default: 2)

postconf -e debug_peer_level=6 

2) Add sender's IP or hostname or domain name in the debug_peer_list.

postconf -e debug_peer_list=',' 

Note: We can define one or more IP addresses, domains, or net/masks. White spaces are not allowed between the values.

3) Reload postfix to make the change effective immediately.

postfix reload

4) Now check log file "/var/log/zimbra.log".

Once troubleshooting is done, then disable debug logging:

postconf debug_peer_list="" 
postfix reload

Additional information

Submitted by: Heera Singh Koranga
Verified Against: ZCS 9.0,8.8.15 Date Created: 2021-05-24
Article ID: Date Modified: 2021-11-03

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