Using zmstat-chart to generate statistics

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Using zmstat-chart to generate statistics


Using zmstat-chart to generate statistics


The chart generation can be done using 'zmstat-chart'.

This tool comes within Zimbra itself, and generates the charts from the data available on the server and generates an 'index.html' file. This file can then be opened to view the charts.

The data is stored under '/opt/zimbra/zmstat', which each previous day's data in '/opt/zimbra/zmstat/<previous-date>'

Step 1

The simplest way to use it would be to run:

mkdir /tmp/charts
zmstat-chart -s '/opt/zimbra/zmstat/2016-05-10' -d /tmp/charts

This will generate all the files in the 'charts' directory. This can be then moved to a machine running a simple webserver, so that the 'index.html' can be viewed, or else the png image files can simply be opened and checked.

Step 2

Using a configuration file is better and generating it is easy, so to do so run:

zmstat-chart-config > /tmp/zmstat-chart-config.xml

And then run the previous command with the '-c' option:

zmstat-chart -s '/opt/zimbra/zmstat/2016-05-10' -d /tmp/charts -c /tmp/zmstat-chart-config.xml

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Submitted by: Shashank Shekhar Tewari
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