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ZCS 4.5 Article ZCS 4.5

To change the colors of a theme use the ZCS Theme Color Picker to create different color variants. As you select different colors, the Theme Color Picker automatically updates the color variants RGB value in the Theme Color Picker list. This list is then copied and pasted to the subs.txt file.

A theme defines a single _BaseColor_ that is used to give the UI a consistent color theme. The HTML, CSS, and substitution files are crafted to use subtle light and dark variants of this color to achieve effects like buttons that look like they rise and lower, without the use of images. To change a _BaseColor_, use the ZCS Theme Color Picker to pick the color interactively. Copy and paste the list of color variants into the _BaseColor_ [theme]_subs.txt file.

Themes also define a _SelColor_ which is the color used to show selected rows in lists, default buttons, etc. To define a _SelColor_, use the Theme Color Picker to pick the color interactively. Copy and past the list of color variants into the _SelColor_section of the [theme]_subs.txt file.

The ZCS Theme Color Picker file is installed on the following directory on the Zimbra server /opt/zimbra/tomcat/webapps/zimbra/skins/_sample. To open this file from your browser, type http:// YOUR SERVER/zimbra/skins/_sample/ZCSThemeColorPicker.html.

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