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We recently migrated from our old server, mail-1.colo.company.com (company.com used as john doe eq) to our new server in our new colo, mail-101.colo.company.com. With our old server, we had webmail.company.com pointed to it with a matching certificate and everthing. It worked great. Then after the migration, it all worked great except once you connected to webmail.company.com, it would redirect you to mail-101.colo.company.com which is not an externally-accessible DNS name for our company.

I contacted Zimbra support and we worked through a lot of the settings and everything looked good. Ultimately the solution was this:

zmlocalconfig | grep zimbra_auth_always_send_refer

If it is set to "true", let's set it to false;

zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_auth_always_send_refer=false

Problem solved, yay! Now when I log-in to webmail.company.com, it stays at webmail.company.com and doesn't redirect to the machine's hostname. I couldn't find this anywhere so I hope this brief note helps someone out.

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