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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.

ZCS 5.0 Article ZCS 5.0


Zimbra updates the ClamAV engine to latest with every release of ZCS.

ClamAV Virus definitions update automatically every 2h by default (zimbraVirusDefinitionsUpdateFrequency attribute).

However, there are times when you may want the latest package.


Some good tips for troubleshooting can be found in ClamAV - Reset Defs DB

Definitions in n ZCS 5.0.3+ were moved to a data directory to keep separate from application data, replace applicable with:


Out of cycle updates RFE is Bug 15137

Original directions courtesy of Unilogic.

If you have no idea how to upgrade or are a little shaky in doing the upgrade yourself, I recommend that you wait for the Zimbra official release.

Step 1: Make a backup.

Note: This was done on Fedora Core 4 minimal install. Also, all the following can be done either as root or as the zimbra user. If you do it all as 'root', make sure you change ownership for the resulting clamav-0.90.2 folder in /opt/zimbra to zimbra:zimbra.

This HOWTO also assumes that you are upgrading from 0.90.1 to 0.90.2 Please substitute the versions above for what you are upgrading from and to.

If upgrading from anything below 0.90.x, please refer to: ClamAV - Updating from versions lower than 0.90.0

Noticing Out-of-Date

When ClamAV releases a new version and gets out of date, it will complain in its log files as such.

clamd.log shows the following warning:

LibClamAV Warning: ********************************************************
LibClamAV Warning: ***  This version of the ClamAV engine is outdated.  ***
LibClamAV Warning: *** DON'T PANIC! Read ***
LibClamAV Warning: ********************************************************

freshclam.log shows the following warning:

Received signal: wake up
ClamAV update process started at Fri May 4 15:44:46 2007
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Local version: 0.90.1 Recommended version: 0.90.2
main.cvd is up to date (version: 42, sigs: 83951, f-level: 10, builder: tkojm)
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Current functionality level = 9, recommended = 10
daily.cvd is up to date (version: 2580, sigs: 7879, f-level: 13, builder: ccordes)
WARNING: Your ClamAV installation is OUTDATED!
WARNING: Current functionality level = 9, recommended = 13


To update, follow the following: First go grab the latest ClamAV source from (Current Stable Version is 0.96 ) Extract it to where ever you please. All this can either be done as root or as the zimbra user. If you do it all as root make sure you change ownership for the resulting clamav folder in /opt/zimbra to zimbra:zimbra.

Assuming that the new clamav version is in the directory: /home/snelson ( substitute your username for 'snelson' )

tar -xvf clamav-0.96.tar.gz

cd clamav-0.96

Next run configure inside of the clamav extract as following:

./configure --prefix=/opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96 --with-user=zimbra --with-group=zimbra

This assumes 'zimbra' is user and group id 'zimbra', change it accordingly to your system to match your zimbra user.

Note: I had to install gmp-devel and bzip2-devel so the configure could find all its header files. Your mileage may very. If you get an error about GNU MP missing install gmp-devel. "yum install gmp-devel", and "yum install bzip2-devel" in Fedora and Red Hat. In Ubuntu, you must install libsll-dev by this command: apt-get install libssl-dev.

If your 'configure' goes well, and make sure it does as you don't really want ClamAV installed without some of its available testing ability being compiled.

Run: make

The following steps should be run as root.

Assuming there are no errors,

Run: make check and then make install. Again assuming no errors, you now have the new version installed into /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96

Now we compare then copy your old clamd.conf and freshclam.conf from the previous version to the new version directory:

cd /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96/etc/

diff clamd.conf ../../clamav/etc/clamd.conf

diff freshclam.conf ../../clamav/etc/freshclam.conf

Above is just incase you are curious of what we are changing/over writing from the clamav defaults.

mv clamd.conf

mv freshclam.conf

cd /opt/zimbra/conf

cp clamd.conf /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96/etc/

cp freshclam.conf /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96/etc/

As zimbra: zmcontrol stop to stop Zimbra.

Now need to delete the symbolic link and re-link it to the new install. As root:

cd /opt/zimbra

ls -la | grep clamav ( should see 'clamav -> /path/to/previous_clamAV' )

if so:

rm -rf clamav (or if you want to keep the old install & link around, so you can easily back out, just do mv clamav clamav.old)

ln -s /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96 /opt/zimbra/clamav

Create directory /opt/zimbra/clamav/db

mkdir /opt/zimbra/clamav/db

Now you should make sure zimbra owns all of clamav.

chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.96

zimbra also needs access to freshclam.conf

chmod a+r /opt/zimbra/clamav/etc/freshclam.conf

Next we need to update the virus database.

su zimbra

Run: /opt/zimbra/clamav/bin/freshclam

If you get any warnings, just run the command again to confirm that everything was successfully updated.

NOTE: if you run zimbra behind a proxy, you need to modify /opt/zimbra/clamav/etc/freshclam.conf. Please uncomment these lines:

       HTTPProxyPort 1234
       HTTPProxyUsername myusername
       HTTPProxyPassword mypass

Need to start Zimbra. Run zmcontrol start

Note: you may not need to stop Zimbra during this update. If you don't stop Zimbra, just do zmantivirusctl restart at this point.

Run zmcontrol status to make sure antivirus is running. If it is, you're good to go.

You should check /opt/zimbra/log/clamd.log for errors, as well as freshclam in the same directory. Also /var/log/zimbra.log. To test out ClamAV I would suggest to send different variations of the EICAR test virus to one of your email addresses. Depending on if you have "Send notice ot recipient" check in Global Settings of the Admin Web UI, the user should receive around 20 email notifications of the emails being quarantined. Don't worry about the two that got through. Apparently ClamAV doesn't check for the techniques. There are although no virii included in those two emails, so it doesn't worry me. You can delete the previous install of clamav once you make sure everything is working. Delete the /opt/zimbra/clamav-0.90.1 directory and everythnig it contains. Again may want to wait a weelk or two to make sure you have the other version working well first.


Possible Script: (tweaked and tested on a CentOS server as of July 14, 2010)

#   !!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!
#   This script is absolutely untested.  I wrote it after the fact
#   as reference, for the next time this happens.  I repeat I have
#   not actually tested to see if it even runs.  You probably want
#   to just run through the steps manually to prevent harming your
#   system...  Again, this script took 2 minutes to write, and has
#   never been tested, and there absolutely no error checking.
#   Otherwise, if you really want to run it, uncomment the exit
#   statement.
#   [ artimus]- 20071119 updates by others 20071206
NOW=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M%S`


echo "Installing dependencies if necessary"
yum -y install gcc glibc zlib-devel gmp-devel bzip2-devel
# on Debian/Ubuntu use: apt-get build-dep clamav

# apt-get build-dep clamav

echo "Preparing Source"
mkdir ${BUILDDIR} && cd ${BUILDDIR}
wget ${ClamURL}

tar -zxvf ${ClamVer}.tar.gz
cd ${ClamVer}
echo "==== Building and Installing ClamAV ===="
./configure --prefix=/opt/zimbra/${ClamVer} --with-user=zimbra --with-group=zimbra

make && make check && make install

chown -R zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/${ClamVer}

cd /opt/zimbra/${ClamVer}/etc
mv clamd.conf clamd.conf.orig
mv freshclam.conf freshclam.conf.orig

cp /opt/zimbra/conf/clamd.conf .
cp /opt/zimbra/conf/freshclam.conf .
chown zimbra:zimbra *.conf

sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol stop
cd /opt/zimbra
unlink clamav
ln -s ${ClamVer} clamav

echo "==== Freshen ========="
sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/clamav/bin/freshclam

echo "===== Starting Zimbra ======="
echo " If it doesn't work, try a reboot"
sudo -u zimbra /opt/zimbra/bin/zmcontrol start

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