Uninstalling Zimbra on Mac OS X (Tiger)

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The script was implemented as of 2006-10-19 See: http://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7793 (Older versions please check the history of this article)

Uninstalling Zimbra on Mac OS X (Tiger)

How to find the uninstall script

1. The uninstall script for removing ZCS on Mac OS X is shipped on the disk image - scripts/installZCS.sh.

2. Existing installs place the script in /opt/zimbra/libexec/installer/install-mac.sh.

3. Download install-mac.sh from the zimbra source repository.

How to run the uninstall script

Open Terminal.app (look in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder) and change to the root user. If you have a password set for root, run the command "su -" and enter the root password. If you don't have a root password set, log in the the mac as an administrator, and run "sudo su -", and enter the *administrator* password (*not* the root password). Once you have the root prompt (normally ending with #), run these commands:

# cd /
# /opt/zimbra/libexec/installer/install-mac.sh -u

If you downloaded the install-mac.sh script, you'll need to make the script executable, and you'll need to use the actual path to the file, not "/opt/zimbra/libexec/installer/install-mac.sh" (hint: drag the icon of the script from the Finder to the Terminal window and let go, and it will automatically show the full path to the script; don't forget to add the "-u" option in order to uninstall). For example, if you saved it to the Desktop while logged in as a user named "admin", your commands would look like this:

# cd /
# chmod a+x /Users/admin/Desktop/install-mac.sh
# /Users/admin/Desktop/install-mac.sh -u

Remaining issues

If you still see the zimbra account in the login window after restarting and are unable to log in, boot from a cd like the Mac install disk to gain access to the Disk Utility, and repair permissions. Then reboot, log in normally, and use the Accounts panel of the System Preferences to manually remove the Zimbra user account.

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