Unable to modify account or domain on Admin interface

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Unable to modify account or domain on Admin interface.


Issue with admin console either not loading or giving and error when modifying a domain users.

"Javascript error in method ZaController.prototype.changeActionState"


Check the attribute value of issue facing domain users - zimbraAuthLdapURL

If the output is like -

zmprov -l gd domain.com zimbraAuthLdapURL


zimbraAuthLdapURL: ldap://ldap1.com:3268
zimbraAuthLdapURL: ldap://ldap2.com:3268 

We need to add values to zimbraAuthLdapURL like -

zmprov md domain.com zimbraAuthLdapURL "ldap://ldap1.com ldap://ldap2.com" 

RFE to support multiple values with attribute zimbraAuthLdapURL - https://bugzilla.zimbra.com/show_bug.cgi?id=35115

Submitted by: Sourabh Bhushan

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