Unable to Compose/Reply/Forward for users with ChildAccounts enabled

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  • When trying to compose email using the Zimbra web client, you receive a JavaScript error.
  • You are not able to compose/reply messages in the web client.
  • Going to Preferences -> Accounts shows up empty


ChildAccounts is a feature which has been deprecated following ZCS 7. If a user has this feature enabled and ZCS is upgraded from ZCS 7.x to ZCS 8, then the above symptoms might show.

Specifically, the account information lost is the account details under Preferences > Accounts. This information is used when an email is being composed to determine the From and Reply-to addresses.


To resolve :

   List all accounts with the ChildAccount attributes set using the command:
   zmprov sa '|(zimbraChildAccount=*)(zimbraPrefChildVisibleAccount=*)'

   For all the accounts listed, remove the zimbraChildAccount and zimbraPrefChildVisibleAccount attributes, by running the commands:
   zmprov ma user@domain.com -zimbraChildAccount
   zmprov ma user@domain.com -zimbraPrefChildVisibl
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