Troubleshooting Tomcat

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A common symptom of Tomcat not starting (you see the error message "tomcat is not running" below the mailbox status) when you call $> su - zimbra; zmcontrol status is incorrect permissions on the /opt/zimbra/redolog/redolog

To check if this is the case,
$> su - zimbra
% The correct way to switch to the Zimbra user
$> ls -l /opt/zimbra/redolog
% Lists the permissions of the redolog directory.

You may see an entry similiar to this
-rw-r----- 1 root root 3925 Sep 26 01:59 redo.log.
This is the 'incorrect' permissions. (The author has tested that this can be mistakingly set to root even if you always work with zimbra as the zimbra user)

If you find the permissions set to something similiar as above (not the zimbra user and group) then switch to the root user and change the permissions
$> su - root
% Switches to the root user.
$> chown zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log
% Changes user and group ownership of the file 'redo.log' to zimbra
% Alternativly you can use sudo like $> sudo chown zimbra:zimbra /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log

After you are done changing the permissions, verify you have done what you intended
$> ls -l /opt/zimbra/redolog
%Shows the permission of the files and directories in the 'redolog' directory

The line should read something similiar to
-rw-r----- 1 zimbra zimbra 3925 Sep 26 01:59 redo.log
%Correct file permission, note the zimbra zimbra which corresponds to the zimbra user and zimbra group

After you verfiy it is owned by the zimbra user and group restart the server with
$> su - zimbra
%Switches (back) to the zimbra user so that permissions are not scrambled.
$> zmcontrol stop
% Stops the zimbra pim system completely
$> zmcontrol start
% Starts the zimbra pim system

Finally check to see if tomcat is indeed started
$> zmcontrol status
% Lists the zimbra components' status

You should no longer see the error message "tomcat is not running"

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