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==== '''Determining Your Upgrade Plan - Multiple ZCS Version Upgrades and/or required OS Upgrades''' ====
==== '''Determining Your Upgrade Plan - Multiple ZCS Version Upgrades and/or required OS Upgrades''' ====

==== '''Document Your Upgrade Plan''' =====
==== '''Document Your Upgrade Plan''' ====

*Increases repeated success
*Increases repeated success

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Proposed Content

The following list of course topics was generated during a discussion with Adam Cody and subsequent research into performing Zimbra upgrades.

Single Server Upgrade

Planning an Upgrade

Read Release Notes and have them available for reference

Refer to wiki page of known issues for each release (example: recent IE issues)

Validate your Zimbra license

Ensure that you have a Support contract

Ensure that you have a Premium Support package if upgrading on a weekend

Ensure that you have access to the Support Portal

Notify Support in advance; give them access to your servers during the scheduled upgrade time

Use 3rd party Snapshot software to easily rollback to a previous state

Have a Disaster Recovery plan! Zimbra does not support rollbacks from an Upgrade. You must do a disaster recovery.

Block mail flow to server(s) until successful upgrade is verified to prevent loss of email delivered during the upgrade

Confirm there is a current backup available

Determining Your Upgrade Plan - Multiple ZCS Version Upgrades and/or required OS Upgrades

Document Your Upgrade Plan

  • Increases repeated success
  • Helps when having to interact with Zimbra Support team

Testing an Upgrade

Determine duration

Determine point at which you will do disaster recovery if the upgrade will not be finished by working hour deadline

Ensure that Zimlets are supported in the Zimbra version you will be using (example: email templates Zimlet)

Ensure that any other 3rd party customizations function properly

Testing Backup and Archiving after an Upgrade

Restoring Zimbra customizations and branding post Upgrade

Using Upgrade log files

Multi Server Upgrade

Upgrading servers in the correct order

Rolling Upgrades

Adding new servers during an upgrade

Adding a proxy server for Zimbra 8.6 and higher


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